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Sirf Tum 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sirf Tum 9th September 2022 Episode starts with Mamta praying to Mata Rani and telling that she trusts Suhani that nothing will happen to Ranveer. She says I trust Mata Rani that she will not let anything happen to both of them. Vikram says we shall go to court else we will get late. They leave.

Suhani sits on Aditya’s bike and goes with him. Someone in the car follows them. Suhani notices the car and informs Aditya. She says some car is following us. He increases the speed. The goons are in the car and stop them. The goon says we will take you to court. Just then Police comes there and the goons flee. Raghu and John come there. Suhani asks them how they are here?

Raghu says Ranveer had informed us that your life can be in danger for supporting him. John says it was his idea to send you to court with Police protection. Aditya asks who are they? Suhani introduces John, Raghu to Aditya and vice versa. Aditya asks her to sit in Police car. Suhani sits.

The officer gets a call (from goons) and tells Ranveer that today Suhani was saved by her friend. He says his plan A has failed, so Plan B is ready. He tells that Suhani is coming with Police and it is his conspiracy. He says if her destiny is good then she will be saved and if she tries to reach court then…

He laughs. Ranveer grabs his collar and says if anything happens to my Suhani. The officer, Mr. Singh says you can’t do anything to us as you will be surely hanged. Ranveer snatches the gun from a Police officer and aims at Mr. Singh. He runs holding the gun. Mr. Singh asks the Police to catch him.

Ranveer sees Suhani coming and asks if she is fine? Mr. Singh says we thought Suhani is your competitor, but you went to save her, just hearing my story. He says you are gone. The Police officer takes Ranveer from there. Ranveer turns and looks at Suhani.

The lawyer tells that according to Mr. Singh, Ranveer is involved in Anti India group and tried to kill Ram Singh. Ranveer says he is lying. Judge asks Defence lawyer to tell him understand that he shall take permission before giving his statement. Defence lawyer says Ranveer is innocent and he wanted to save his patient Ram Singh’s life. He says I will prove this in court. Judge asks him to go ahead.

Defence lawyer calls Suhani who is the prime eye witness. Judge says permission granted. Suhani comes to the witness box. The Defence lawyer asks Suhani to tell whatever happened that day. Suhani says Ram Singh came to our hospital in a very injured state. A fb is shown, she asked Nurse to take him to OT when she watched TV about him. She says before I could inform police, he ran away.

She says she ran behind him. She says he reached Mamta hospital and Ranveer decided to treat him as his condition was more bad then. She says a doctor’s duty is to save the patient’s life, and tells that she had informed Doctor so that the operation doesn’t stop and the law doesn’t break too.

Judge asks Mr. Singh if Suhani had informed him. Mr. Singh says Ranveer didn’t inform us and was operating. Judge asks if Ranveer didn’t want to inform Police. Suhani says after finishing the operation, Ranveer was about to inform Police. Mr. Singh says Ram Singh is in coma because of Dr. Ranveer. Suhani says you are lying, you have dragged Ranveer out of the OT, while he was insisting to operate on him.

She says Ram Singh is in coma due to you. She tells Judge that once she was trapped to give wrong injection to Vikrant Oberoi. She says in today’s time, paper work is not necessary, just informing is sufficient. She asks why Mr. Singh didn’t let Ranveer operate on Ram Singh.

Judge asks Mr. Singh if he has proofs against Ranveer. Mr. Singh says they have proofs, but wants more proofs to produce in court. The defence lawyer tells that Ranveer is innocent and they don’t have any proofs. Prosecution lawyer tells that Ranveer is proved guilty, as he had snatched gun from an officer,

and was running away. Ranveer says I didn’t run, I came to know that Suhani’s life is in danger and that’s why going to save her. The prosecution lawyer asks if he went to inform his leader, or to save Suhani.

Ranveer says I didn’t elope, I will not bear if anything happens to Suhani. Suhani tells Judge that Ranveer’s doubt was right and when she was coming to court, she was attacked on the way. She says she was threatened by Mr. Singh not to give statement in court. Mr. Singh says she is lying. Suhani says she has recorded his threat and gives her mobile to Judge.

Judge hears Mr. Singh threatening Suhani to stay away from him and never to help Ranveer, else she will be rotten in jail. Suhani asks Mr. Singh why he stopped her from telling truth to everyone. Judge says court takes break for 15 mins. Suhani thinks if Judgement is not in Ranveer’s favor then?

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