Sonakshi and Rohit’s romance, Huge twists


Sonakshi and Rohit’s romance wali mehendi amid grand galore

Star Plus popular soap opera Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is seeing a crucial track in the ongoing storyline.

So far we see how the pre-wedding rituals of Rohit and Sonakshi see many ups and downs but eventually their loe stand strong.She targets Suman after she fails to brainwash Raima. She tells Suman that Sonakshi will have no value if she gets no share from Rohit’s property and assets. She tells that love doesn’t last forever, its just financial security that can give them a relief. Suman realizes that Sulochana is right. Sulochana asks her to save her daughter’s future. Sonakshi tries to find out what is Rohit planning to do. She invites Rohit in the Mehndi rituals. Rohit tells her that he is too busy and also tired up. He doesn’t want to attend the function and fulfill a good sleep.

Further comes the mehendi ceremony where Badi maa blesses Sonakshi while the families again gather together.Rohit and Sonakshi’s life takes new turn, here Sonakshi and Rohit’s mehendi ceremony is organised.

Sonakshi and Rohit’s sangeet ceremony happens with much galore and everything turns out well at the end.While now family has organized mehendi ceremony and here Sonakshi is happy to write Rohit’s name in her mehendi.

Sonakshi gets blessings from her elders while she gets Rohit’s name written on her hand.

Rohit thanks Mahesh for telling the truth to Sonakshi, which led to a romantic union with her. Mahesh gets angry. Rohit and his family fail to keep the secret. Sonakshi learns about Rohit’s bachelors party. She asks Rohit what did he plan and how. Rohit tells her that its Rohan’s plan. The family takes Rohit with them. Sonakshi worries on knowing that the dancers are also coming in the party. She thinks what’s the need for the dancers. She fears that the dancers can do anything wrong. She feels Rohit is too innocent and fall in their trap.

She doesn’t like such parties. Rohit welcomes the dancers, who are none other than his football team. He organizes a football competition, declaring that the losing team will perform dance on item songs. Rohit enjoys with his friends and finishes drinks. Sonakshi gets bad thoughts about Rohit’s crazy night in the party with the female dancers. She calls him to know about the party happenings. She doesn’t learn anything when she calls Rohit and Raima. Raima and Suman are affected by Sulochana’s words. They want to clear their doubts. Raima is worried about Sonakshi’s righteousness, while Suman is concerned about Sonakshi’s future.

Sonakshi calls up Pooja to know about Rohit. She gets a big laugh when she learns about Rohit’s crazy football team in the bachelors party. Suman meets Sonakshi to discuss about her financial security. Sonakshi asks her not to take any tension about her future, since both Rohit and she are independent and doing good in their career. She doesn’t think she will need Rohit’s property to secure her future. She feels she is self sufficient. She doesn’t want Suman to make any mistake by thinking about Rohit’s property. Sonakshi tells that she is very happy with Rohit, who himself is a big asset for her.

For the moment Sonakshi gets emotional finding herself lucky to have Rohit.Rohit calls Sonakshi and flirts with her, Rohit, Sonakshi shares romantic moments over the call.Rohit and Sonakshi’s romantic moments of phone sparks up mehendi ceremony as Rohit is pissed off that he has to keep away from Sonakshi and couldn’t meet him on mehendi ceremony.

While Rohit is busy in the celebration, Rohit and Sonakshi share a romantic eyelock moment when they come closer to show their names on the hands.

Let see how soon the couple will tie the wedding nots.

Stay tuned to get the next update.


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