Spy Bahu 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Spy Bahu 11th August 2022  Episode starts with Ahana waiting for the Van as it leaves from the PS. Yohan talks to the PS and tells Drishti that she shall not insist of meeting her again. He says I will be taking you to meet her for the last time. Drishti asks what we will tell to Abhishek. Yohan says she is guilty of Abhishek.

He says think that she don’t exist for us. Drishti says make me meet her once. Ahana is behind the van on the speedy bike. Yohan and Drishti are in the car. Drishti says if we don’t reach here, then something will happen surely. Ahana jumps and climbs on the van. Sejal senses that someone jumped and asks lady constable to check.

The lady constable asks if you want to trap us, by diverting our attention. Ahana punches the Police constable and driver and make them fall down the Van. She sits in the Van. Yohan sees the Van going towards the valley. Sejal tells Constables that this is not the way to jail. The lady constable says van changed the way. Other constable says may be short cut. Yohan hopes Sejal is fine and follows the van.

Sejal again asks lady constable to ask the officer if everything is fine. Ahana sees Yohan in the car and thinks he can’t see me, I have to hide. She speeds up the van and is taking it near the cliff. Sejal’s hand is handcuffed. Ahana directs the Van towards the cliff, jumps down and hides. Sejal tries to free her hands and closes her eyes.

The Van falls down from the cliff. Yohan gets down the car and shouts Sejal. Ahana comes there and stops Yohan from jumping down. She says now nothing can be done. She acts innocent. Drishti cries and says bhabhi. Yohan hugs her and cries. Ahana smirks.

Yohan recalls telling Drishti that they will think that she don’t exist, she is dead for them.
He imagines Sejal coming there and calling him. He runs to her and hugs her. He asks are you fine, I thought I have lost you. He asks who has saved you, I will do your bandage and asks her to come.

He asks why you are not saying anything. Ahana comes and keeps hand on his shoulder. She asks him to sit. Krish tells Shalini with whom he is talking to. Shalini says she is genuinely feeling bad. She tries to pacify Drishti. Krish asks Yohan to handle himself. SK comes there and calls Yohan.

Yohan asks what is the news about your rescue operation. SK says we got our men go inside the valley, but sorry there was a massive fire in the van and nobody couldn’t be saved. Ahana smiles, while Yohan, Drishti and others are shocked. SK says Sejal is no more. Drishti says you are lying, Bhabhi will return. She hugs her photo frame. SK’s employee brings the ashes.

SK says I have brought the ashes for the last rites. Yohan breaks down and cries. He recalls their moments and is about to hold the ashes pot, when Minal comes and takes it. She slaps Yohan hard.

Ahana asks what are you saying? Minal asks her to stay away. She tells yohan, you have taken my daughter’s life and now you want to take her ashes too. She says we know that you have killed her, your mistrust. Saras asks her to come. Minal goes to the inhouse temple and brings sindoor plate. She smears sindoor on Yohan’s face. Drishti cries seeing the red color.

Shalini hides Drishti’s face. Minal tells that this is not sindoor, but Sejal’s blood. She says if you think that she has gone, then no, she will be alive in your destruction, will be alive in the tears flowing out of your eyes, this is a mother’s curse. She says you will yearn for your pyre’s fire. She says my daughter used to plead for her innocence, but you didn’t listen. She says God will not listen to you, says everyone are murderers. Yohan breaks down and cries. Krish asks him to handle himself.

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