Spy Bahu 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Spy Bahu 11th July 2022 Episode starts with Abhi asking Sejal to go away from Nanda family at the earliest. He says Sir ji is there. Sejal asks who is Sir ji? Abhi says real mastermind. Sejal says I thought you are mastermind.

She asks who is he? Abhi says I didn’t see him, but if he comes to know that you are a spy then he will kill you. He asks him to go away from there. He shows the chain and locket and says he gave this to me, and he has this too. Sejal asks what is it? Abhi says it is poison tablet.

He says bye. Sejal says Tana ji and SK sir reached here. Abhi closes his eyes and is dead. Sejal asks him to say and says nothing will happen to you. She shouts and cries calling him. SK and Tana ji come there and see Sejal crying hugging Abhi. They get shocked seeing him dead.

Sejal closes Abhi’s eyes. Yohan and Drishti are coming there. Sejal says I couldn’t save my Farid Bhai. SK says Farid? Sejal says I have DNA report, and asked him to surrender, but he shot himself. SK asks his team to take Sejal from there, and says if anyone sees Sejal with the dead body.

Sejal says he is my Farid bhai and not a dead body. SK team members put cloth on Sejal’s head and take her away from there. CCTV camera is installed there and Sejal gets captured there while her face is hidden.

SK sees Yohan and Drishti coming and hides with his team. He tells that Yohan shall think that they found the dead body first and says he don’t want Sejal to be trapped. He says we will go after sometime. Yohan and Drishti see dead Abhi on the floor. They come running to him. Drishti stands shocked.

Yohan checks his breath and pulse. He calls him. SK comes there with others. He says this is Abhishek Singh, someone shot him. He asks Yohan, if you see anyone going, did you have any lead or hear any voice? Yohan says he was working on a case. SK says we came to know about this and came here with our team.

He says may be Abhi was handling this case alone. He finds the cloth and says this dupatta might be of the girl, whom Abhi was telling to move back. SK says it is an evidence and takes the cloth from his hand. Drishti asks Abhi to get up and faints. SK asks him to take Drishti to hospital. Yohan says I will find out about the girl.

Tana ji tells Sejal that she should have told them after getting the DNA report. Sejal recalls Abhi saying that Mahira is everything to him. She says he died due to me. Tana ji says he died due to his bullet, nobody shall know that you was with me, then you will go to jail and everything will be over. Sejal says nothing is left now. Tana ji asks Kiran to clean blood stains from Sejal and give all her clothes to him. Kiran takes Sejal from there.

Yohan brings Drishti to hospital and calls doctor, says she is in a state of shock and three months pregnant also. Tana ji is talking on phone. Kiran informs him that Sejal escaped. He calls Sejal and sees her going in auto.

Doctor tells Yohan that Drishti is not responding. Yohan says you will save both, Doctor says we will save your sister, but difficult to save her baby. Yohan gets worried.

Sejal comes to the place, where Yohan had called her, and sees all the marriage arrangements, with marry me written with flowers.

She comes to the mandap and the flowers petal fall on her. She cries and thinks Yohan doesn’t know that the Sejal whom he loves so much, is a liar, and her brother is a terrorist and because of him, his sister has to lose her husband and the baby lost her father. She thinks to tell truth to Yohan and is about to call him.

Tana ji comes and takes phone from her hand. Sejal says we had decided to tell truth to Yohan, when Farid accepts his crimes. SK comes there and says your duty is your mission. Sejal says Farid Bhai gave me this, before his death. She shows the chain and locket and says it is of Sir ji, who stays in Nanda Mansion, who favors terrorism.

She says Farid Bhai or Yohan are not mastermind. She says she became spy to search her brother, he died infront of me. She says my mission to spy on Yohan has ended, as he is innocent. She says she will tell truth to him. she takes phone from Tana ji. SK asks her to tell that she is a spy.

He tells Tana ji that after Yohan’s death news comes, then we will make this case public, then we will search and catch Sir ji. She asks what did you say? He says Yohan’s death. He says when Yohan comes to know that she was there when Abhi died, then he will throw her out and when he comes to know that due to Sir ji,

his sister’s baby will be called as terrorist child, he will search Sir ji and the Sirji who commits big explosion will kill Yohan. He asks Sejal to call Yohan and get guilt free, even if he dies and SK continues to do explosion. Tana ji asks her if she don’t want to take revenge from her brother’s death from Sir ji.

Sejal says how to tell Drishti about him. SK says I told them that Abhi died while doing encounter and Drishti went in trauma. Doctor tells Yohan that Drishti can slip in coma and then it will not be possible to save the baby. Yohan asks her to do something.

SK asks Sejal to go, and says a wife, daughter in law, sister in law and a spy’s duties are waiting for you. He says before others get killed by Sir ji, you reach there and save everyone.

Yohan comes to the hospital temple and looks at the God’s idol. Sejal comes there and calls him. Yohan hugs her. Kehdo naa plays…..Yohan says one thing is sure, I will search that person who has killed Abhishek and will not leave him for ruining my sister’s life.


Spy Bahu 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The doctor tells Yohan and Sejal that the treatment which they are going to give to Drishti is risking for baby, and asks them to sign on the form. She says it is written on this paper, that you are ready to abort the baby. Yohan says this is the only happiness left with my sister. Doctor says until you sign, we will not begin the treatment.


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