Spy Bahu 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Spy Bahu 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Spy Bahu 12th July 2022 Episode starts with Yohan telling Sejal that he will search the person killing Abhishek and will not leave him for ruining his sister’s life. Nurse comes there and says doctor is calling you.

Doctor asks Yohan to sign on the form that he is ready to abort the baby, and says they can’t start treatment until he signs. Yohan says how can I snatch her last hope. Sejal asks him to sign and says Drishti is very important for us. She thinks she is losing farid bhai’s last memory. She asks doctor if she can meet Drishti. Doctor says yes.

Sejal cries holding Drishti’s hand and says I couldn’t save your husband. Yohan signs the form and recalls planning to keep the baby in his room. He regrets for not been able to reach there on time to save Abhi.

Sejal keeps hand on Drishti’s tummy and says Farid Bhai, I wish you would have been here with your baby and Drishti. She imagines Abhi coming there and says you have taken all efforts to save me, but I chose the wrong way. He asks Sejal to promise him and his side of love to Drishti and his baby.

Sejal promises him. Drishti’s heart rate is picking up and her body temperature gets stable. Doctor checks her and says she is stable, we can save baby and the mother. Yohan smiles and says you and baby will be fine. Sejal gets happy too.

He says we will make Abhishek fine. Sejal goes out and cries. She says she can’t cry for her brother’s death. She looks at the locket and says she can’t tell anyone, how to bear this sorrow.

Minal comes there and hugs Sejal. Sejal cries. She asks if Abhishek was your Farid Bhai. Sejal nods yes and cries. Minal says you are very courageous. Sejal says I can’t bear anymore. Tana ji asks SK, if he lied to Sejal that she can tell truth to Yohan once she finds out about Sir ji.

He says this truth shall never come out infront of everyone that she is a spy. SK says I lied to her, else she would have told Yohan. He says our service and reputation will be questioned and the terrorists will kill her, if they come to know that she is a spy. He says today I took Sir ji’s name and will take some other name tomorrow. Sejal cries. Minal tells Sejal that Yohan and Drishti needs her.

All the family members come to the hospital. Everyone tries to pacify her. Yohan says Doctor gave injection to Drishti to make her sleep, as she was asking about Abhi. Arun is talking on mobile. Yohan asks Veera to make her husband understand. Arun says if we don’t do work then who will bear the expenses. Veera asks Arun to be quiet. Arun says I will send someone competent for Dubai office

. Shail asks Yohan if I can go to Dubai branch and handle the business. Yohan nods his head. Shail asks Shalini to take care of Mom and Drishti. He hugs Shalini and goes. Doctor tells Yohan that Drishti got consciousness, but we shall see if her brain is affected and her behavior can also change. She says they will keep her under observation for 72 hours.

Sejal tells Drishti that baby is fine, and says nothing will happen to you and baby. Nurse says Drishti is responding to your wife’s talks, and it is a good sign. Veera comes inside and teary eyes. Minal asks Yohan about Abhishek. Yohan says he will get shraddhanjali by Police tomorrow. Veera says drishti can’t see him for last time. Shalini says it will be better for Drishti.

Shera mourns for Abhi’s death while paying last respects to him. Yohan and Sejal bring Drishti there and make her sit on the wheel chair. Arun asks why she needs wheelchair, if her legs are hurt. Veera says Drishti is weak and needs wheelchair.

Sejal and Yohan bring Drishti inside the house. Sejal asks Yohan to have strength. Yohan sees SK and goes to him. He tells SK that I hope you came to tell me who was with Abhi at the shootout. SK says we couldn’t get any lead.

Yohan asks what you was doing since 4 days. SK says we didn’t come to answer you, we have come to pray for Abhi. Drishti sees garland on Abhi’s pic and Shalini offering flowers to his face. She runs to her and says my husband is not dead. Sejal and Yohan try to pacify her. Drishti asks where is Abhi?

Sejal says he went for work and he can take some days or months to return. She asks her to rest. Shalini asks if Drishti has gone mad? Yohan says no and asks if she don’t understand the situation. He thanks the guests for coming there and asks them to have food. Saras says how Sejal will handle all this. Minal says she is our daughter and will handle everything.

Doctor gives injection to Drishti and says it is good that she reacted and said something. Arun asks what nonsense, you are calling madness as trauma. Yohan asks him to think before saying anything. Arun says she is waiting for dead person and some people are saying that he will come.

Sejal says she lied to calm her down. Doctor says it is good that you told her, we can tell her when she is normal. She says it is good that she trusts you. Sejal says I will take care of her, she is my responsibility. Minal tells Veera that they have to go as Baa is alone. Bamba says I love you jiju. Yohan says I love you too and hugs him.

Minal hugs Sejal and says this house needs you more than this mission. Sejal comes to the room and looks at the locket in her hand. She thinks I have to search Sir ji from today.


Spy Bahu 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Drishti beats Arun with a stick. Arun pushes her and she falls. Sejal holds her and says if anything would have happened to the baby. Arun says they shall abort the baby. Sejal shouts at him and says she will forget that he is her sasur ji. He raises his hand to slap her.


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