Spy Bahu 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Spy Bahu 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Spy Bahu 12th September 2022 Episode starts with Yohan asking Sejal to sit. Tana ji comes out and tells that they have to get the havan done as there is lot of negative energy in the house. Everyone sits for havan.

Ahana gets Arbaaz’s message that if she doesn’t come in 10 mins, then he will come there. Golmaal hai plays…..Tana ji tells everyone that he will tie taweez to everyone’s hand. He ties the thread to Yohan and Sejal’s hands. Sejal sees his beard coming out, and pretends to faint. Yohan holds her.

Minal signs Tana ji to stick his beard. Tana ji sticks his beard. Sejal says she is fine. Ahana says she has to go out and asks him to tie the taweez to her. He ties the thread to her hand, and recalls Harsh asking him to tie the tracker taweez to Mahira and Veera Nanda surely, so that they can track their location. Tana ji ties the thread to her hand. Ahana says she will go.

Tana ji asks her to wait for the last ritual. He asks the elder bahu to do the last ritual and throw the pot off the terrace, so that all the negative energy falls down. Shalini comes forward and take the pot. Tana ji says it is risky as the negative energy can harm her. Shalini gives back the pot and says Mummy ji is the elder bahu. Veera says Sejal must be tired and asks Shalini to do it.

Shalini refuses. Sejal tells Veera that she will help her do the ritual. They go to the terrace. Tana ji asks her to move a little bit to throw the pot. Veera gets up as the railing falls down suddenly. Everyone is stunned. Yohan says you have stand on your feet. Arun says unbelievable.

Sejal says this all happened due to puja and hugs Veera. Yohan says I don’t believe and asks if she had any sensation. Shalini says it is good that we gave chance to Minal’s Pandit ji and not Dad’s Pandit ji. She asks Tana ji to see her hand.

Tana ji says now mahurat is not good. Sejal thanks Minal. Yohan says he really don’t understand this logic. Veera asks Ahana to come with her. Ahana thinks when I can go to meet Arbaaz. Sejal smiles. Veera thinks Sejal is doing this deliberately and she had not lost her memory.

Tana ji tells SK and Harsh about everyone getting shocked when Veera’s lie was exposed. Harsh tells that now trackers are tied to veera and Ahana’s hands, but he is worried for Sejal, as she has to work during her pregnancy. He says he will not let anything happen to Sejal at any cost.

Sejal talks to Harsh and tells that she needs something which will become her weapon. Harsh asks if anyone got doubtful. Sejal says no. Yohan comes there. Sejal ends the call and tells that she was talking to Harsh. Yohan gets upset. She asks why do you get angry? Yohan says I have problem with your closeness with him.

Sejal says when I met with an accident, Harsh and Babu ji had taken care of me. Yohan says let him come, I will make him Mama of Hichki. Sejal says Hichki has only one Mama, Bamba.

Veera tells Ahana that Sejal came to take revenge. Ahana says we shall kill her. Veera says Sejal’s mind works three times faster than you, and she throws water on Ahana. Ahana shouts at Veera and gets angry. Veera says she is doing his with us, she wants me to do this mistake and get angry on her. She says we can’t do any attack without proper planning.

Minal comes to Sejal and asks her to keep her feet in the warm water, and says she will do oil massage first. Sejal signs Minal that Yohan is standing. Minal asks Sejal to get her feet massaged done, and says she is having back pain sleeping in Nanda Mansion. She goes. Yohan comes and keeps Sejal’s feet in the tub, and massages her feet. Sejal thinks she will not repeat the same mistake and will tell him the truth seeing the right time, and will not give a chance to their enemies to bring distance between them.


Spy Bahu 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :During the puja in the night school, Sejal thinks when she will go to Aarti Maa’s skeleton. Veera thinks she will make Sejal’s skeleton and leave it with Aarti Didi. Sejal finds the skeleton.


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