Spy Bahu 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Spy Bahu 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Spy Bahu 13th September 2022 Episode starts with Sejal thanking Yohan for taking care of her. yohan says it is my duty to take care of you and baby. Sejal thanks him. She asks him about Aarti Maa’s birthday tomorrow. yohan asks how do you know? Sejal says I read so much about your family and also read that you organized something on her birthday. Yohan says Veera maa organizes something.

Sejal says we shall do something and lights all the candles, so that hichki will get the blessings. Shalini comes there calling yohan and asks them to come with her. Ahana comes to her room and thinks to throw money on Arbaaz. She sees him sitting in the room. She asks didn’t you trust me?

Arbaaz says come with me, and tell everyone that you are my Ahana and not Yohan’s Mahira. Ahana says she had stolen money from Sir ji’s locker and was coming to give him, but Sejal called some baba. She asks do you think that I will betray you. Arbaaz says I will not tell anyone, and hugs her.

He says he loves her a lot and melts down. Shalini comes there with Veera, Yohan, Sejal and Krish. She says this is Mahira’s boyfriend, I have seen them together with my eyes three times. She says I wanted to show you this in phone. She says they had met first in the balcony, then on road, dahi handi at our house and now bedroom. Yohan asks what is all this?

Krish asks Arbaaz to give his intro. Ahana says he is not my boyfriend. Shalini shows the money loaded bag. She asks why you was giving our money to him. Sejal asks Ahana to say. yohan asks Sejal if she realized her mistake, by letting her stay here. He says if you like this guy then would have told us.

Ahana says I like you even now. Krish asks who is he then? Ahana says he is Ayub, my namesake brother. Veera hopes her story shall be convincing else I can’t support her.

Ahana says he is Ayub, we were together in the orphanage. She says he was adopted by the family and now his mother is in last stage of cancer, and needs money. She says she didn’t want to burden them and that’s why thought him alone. Sejal says but you took the money from our house.

Ahana says I have taken money from Mummy ji. Veera coughs and says I gave her money, when she asked me I asked the reason, but she was uncomfortable, so I didn’t force her. She says you should have told me as you was taking money for a mother. Ahana says I did a mistake and don’t want to give tension to anyone.

She tells Shalini that if they had anything between them then she wouldn’t have dare to call him home. Veera says she is right. Ahana says it is difficult to believe her and goes. Shalini asks Veera to believe her. Veera says stop it. She tells Arbaaz that she will get money deposited in the hospital. Arbaaz thanks her and thanks Ahana calling her sister.

Shalini gets upset that Ahana gets saved everytime. Sejal comes there and says they shall try together to get the proofs against Ahana. Shalini says you used to hate me before the memory loss. Sejal says it is past, lets fight together. They shake hands.

Sejal comes to Drishti and says get well soon, not just for Adi but for me. She checks the medicines kept there and take their pic. Yohan asks Sejal, what is she doing here? Sejal says I was checking the medicines, and tells about the Ved who treats well. Yohan says best doctor is treating her, and Mahira and Maa also take care of her.

Ahana comes there and tells that she will give medicine to Drishti. Yohan says you are very much busy. Veera says Ahana doesn’t do anything without asking me. Sejal says now she has come and will get her treated by Jaamnagar’s ved. Veera thinks it will be proved that we were giving wrong medicines to her, thinks she shall make her plan fail.

She asks Sejal not to worry. Yohan says even you need rest. He takes injection from Ahana. Sejal asks did you tell her about Aarti Maa? Yohan tells about the puja in night school for Aarti Maa. Veera says it is good idea and thinks that she is feigning memory loss. Yohan and Sejal go from there. Ahana asks how we will stop them, they will know that we are giving her sleeping pills.

Minal tells Sejal that she has to go. Yohan and Sejal ask her to stay for some more days. Minal says she has to go and will take report from them. Yohan goes to get her stuff kept in car. Minal asks Sejal to take care of her, as pregnancy stages are very delicate. She asks her to promise that she will not let the khakra burnt. Sejal promises her. Minal says we will meet again and asks Sejal to do the puja well.

Pandit ji begins the havan. Sejal asks Drishti how is she? Drishti says better. Sejal says everything will be fine. Ahana says bad thing will happen with us. Veera ignores her and goes to Yohan. Shalini tells Sejal about the same. Sejal asks her to keep eye on them. They all sit for the havan. Sejal thinks she will get justice for Aarti Maa. Veera thinks before you do something, I will make your skeleton and hide it near Aarti didi’s skeleton.


Spy Bahu 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Sejal sees Veera’s location on her mobile and thinks she has left. She tells Aarti’s skeleton that she has to sacrifice her again due to Sejal. She keeps the skeleton in the car. Ahana says Sir ji, come fast. Veera says Didi’s birthday don’t come daily, and says she has brought chocolate cake for her. Ahana asks where to take her? Veera says secret grave. They leave in the car. Yohan is standing there and looks on, while they leave.


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