Spy Bahu 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Spy Bahu 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Spy Bahu 14th September 2022  Episode starts with the Pandit ji saying that the puja is completed. He asks them to take the prasad. Veera tells Arun that she will be back. Sejal thinks she might be going to the skeleton and tracks her location. Veera goes to the same room, where she has hid the skeleton.

Yohan comes there and asks did you call me? Veera tells that they shall start the new computer lab for kids from today, on Didi’s birthday. He says if you need funds then tell me. She says I will tell you, and says they shall go out as everyone is waiting. Sejal thinks if skeleton is here or not, she didn’t meet it.

She recalls seeing it in the room. She opens the cupboard and checks for the skeleton. She comes to the old wooden almira and lifts it, peep inside, but she doesn’t find the skeleton there. She thinks Veera Nanda has changed the skeleton’s place. Veera gives gifts to the night school kids with Yohan.

Yohan asks the kids to write their complaints in the box. Shalini tells Sejal that Mahira didn’t do anything wrong then why you are stressed. Veera thanks Sejal for this puja suggestion. She says we shall go home, as Adi is alone with the caretaker. Sejal thinks aarti maa’s skeleton is not here, then where is it? They come home. She prays to God to show her the way. Yohan asks Sejal if everything is fine. Sejal nods her head.

Yohan says I felt as if Maa is blessing you, while we were doing puja. He says the baby will be healthy. Sejal says I will set the diya and come inside. She comes to the inhouse temple in the lawn and prays. She says I thought that I will expose Veera Nanda before Yohan today, but skeleton was not there.

She asks God to show her the way, and help her. She says everything depends on this one proof and rings the temple bell. The Goddess chunari flies and fall away, taking Sejal to Aarti’s skeleton. It falls on the skeleton’s place. Sejal finds the lid and lifts it, to find the stairs and the secret room there. She finds Aarti’s skeleton there and gets shocked. Veera replaces the old garland from Aarti’s frame with the new garland. Sejal comes inside.

Yohan asks why she took so much time. Sejal thinks she took time in devotion. She thinks to show him in a right way. Veera tells Aarti that she tried to compensate for her, and says if you would have been alive then you would have been happy to see Yohan’s baby. She says nothing is important to me than your happiness.

Sejal comes to her and whispers to her, that that’s why she has kept her safely in the basement, and then says heart basement. Veera is shocked. She tells Ahana that Sejal found the skeleton. Ahana says when I couldn’t know it, then how she will. Veera says she might have told her team.

Sejal talks to Harsh and tells that she told Veera knowingly and now she will try to change place, and then I will show the truth to Yohan. She says reverse countdown starts now. Harsh says I will inform Tana ji. Veera says today I will hide the skeleton. Arbaaz calls Ahana and tells her that tomorrow is their marriage.

Ahana asks him not to joke. Arbaaz says you just have to say agree for marriage, and asks her to come there. Ahana says her work is not yet over. Arbaaz says shoot Veera Nanda. Ahana says ok, I will marry you. She ends the call. Veera says Arbaaz will die on his marriage day and asks ahana to do the arrangements. She says all our enemies will die.

Sejal sees Veera Nanda about to leave in her mobile tracker. Veera takes Aarti’s skeleton in the car decky, and says Didi, I have to shift you to another grave due to Sejal. Ahana says hurry up. Veera says Didi’s birthday don’t happen daily. She brings chocolate cake and asks the skeleton to eat it, and understand her feelings. She asks will you have it with Yohan’s hand. She says very soon,

I will make Yohan as skeleton and will make him lie in the grave beside your grave. Ahana asks how you enjoy talking to the skeleton and says we were about to get trapped two times due to this skeleton. She asks her to come. Veera says this is not just the skeleton, but trophy of my achievements.

She says when I was suffocating her to death, I was scared thinking if she don’t die, but she loves me a lot and died. Ahana asks her to understand that it is risky and asks where to take the skeleton. Veera laughs and says secret grave. They leave in car. Yohan is standing and has heard everything. He is shocked seeing Veera’s madness and heinous truth.


Spy Bahu 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Veera aims gun at her employee and shoots at his forehead. Arbaaz and Ahana are dressed as groom and bride. Shalini witnesses the shootout and gets shocked. She drops the flower pot mistakenly and runs away. Veera tells Arbaaz and Ahana that Shalini shall not be saved. Shalini runs to save her life. Yohan tells Sejal that if Veera is full of lies, then that means all her words are truthful. He asks Sejal if she is his Mahira? Sejal says yes, Yohan. She says I love you. Yohan says I love you too and hugs her. Shalini continues to run.


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