Spy Bahu 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Spy Bahu 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Spy Bahu 15th August 2022 Episode starts with Yohan crying and saying how to get rid of your memories. Veera asks him to give that place to someone else. She comes inside his room and says this is the only way to get rid of the past.

She says didn’t you feel happy to give aarti maa’s place to me, and says even she feels the happiness whenever she hears Maa from him. She says God has brought your first love back intentionally and tells that Mahira has taken good care of Drishti and her child. She says who will take care of them later, as I couldn’t stand on my feet after Sejal’s betrayal. She tries to convince him to marry Mahira.

Yohan says I am not ignoring Mahira’s doings, I shouldn’t have shouted at her today, but I can’t give Sejal’s place to her. Veera asks him to try once and says you both have engagement after 2 days and marriage after 3 days. She says when Mahira has done so much for us, you can try to accept her.

He says I am not ready for this marriage Maa. Veera gets angry. Yohan says I will not refuse as you want. She says I have kept for you both and you have to sit as husband and wife. She says only Mahira can bring happiness back in this house.

Yohan comes to Drishti and a fb is shown. Drishti ties rakhi to Yohan and Krish. Krish gives her branded sunglasses. Sejal gives her watch as a gift. Yohan promises Drishti that he will protect her always. Yohan apologizes to unconscious Drishti and ties Rakhi on his hand. He asks her to get well soon and tie rakhi with her hand. He promises that he will not do any mistake.

Veera asks Mahira to go and give air to the flame which she has ignited. Mahira asks yohan to bring medicines for Drishti, baby shopping list, have to take appointment for Papa ji’s check up, and says Krish wants to get membership in club. She asks him to get his laptop upgraded. He asks what about you? She says she don’t want anything other than him. Shalini watches her and is doubtful on her.

Yohan tells Mahira that he can’t love her and asks if she will be happy in loveless marriage. She gets teary eyes and says she don’t want anything, if he loves her by mistake then she will think it as a blessing. She asks him to come and applies ointment on his injury. She removes his shirt and applies ointment. He says he don’t know about love, but will try to fulfill this marriage. She smiles and hugs him.

Saras, his mother and Bamba are doing the puja done for Sejal. They reminisces her. Minal tells that Sejal is alive, why are you doing this puja done. Saras says Sejal is gone. Minal says she will wait for her till her last breath.

Yohan and Ahana are doing the puja. Yohan thinks he will forget everything, except hating Sejal. Minal says if my daughter loses the fight of life so soon then my blessing is waste. She says Sejal will come home herself. Veera and Ahana look at each other and smiles.

Minal plays the shank. Sejal is seen sleeping somewhere. The Pandit ji asks Yohan and Ahana to do tilak on the marriage invitation card. Yohan and Ahana do the tilak. Pandit ji asks them to keep the first card infront of God. He asks them to take elders’ blessings. Ahana and yohan touch Veera’s feet. Veera says everything will be fine, happiness will walk inside our house.

Sejal sees flashes of little Yohan and herself and gets up scared. An old guy comes there and calls her Paro. He asks didn’t you know who are those two kids. Sejal says she doesn’t know what happened to her, and says you gave me a lovely name, else I don’t know my name. He says I just those two kids playing on a hilly mountain. The guy asks her to remember his talks and says everything will be fine. She says babu ji and hugs him.


Spy Bahu 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sejal/Paro fights with the local goons holding the lathi. Yohan tells Arun, Veera and others that there is an exhibition of arms on 15th August, which we had supplied to the govt. We are getting quality excellence award. Sejal comes to Delhi and collides with Yohan.


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