Spy Bahu 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Spy Bahu 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Spy Bahu 16th August 2022 Episode starts with Bapu ji asking the workers to work faster, and says they have much work to do and less time. Sejal gives masala tea to him. She asks Lakshmi, if she had the batate bhaji.

Lakshmi says we all had it, and felt as if you got saved in that accident due to it. Babu ji says he will not bear any joke related to Paro. Lakshmi says when your grand son Harsh brought her here in injured condition, it doesn’t look like she will be saved, and says just she lost her memory.

Sejal says babu ji has taken care good care of me, and made me read ramayan paath. He says you have fought with your destiny and got saved. He says he is sure that someone’s prayers saved her. Sejal says don’t know if anyone misses me. Drishti gets up and calls Abhi. She is drowsy. Ahana gives injection in the glucose dip. Drishti faints calling Sejal. Ahana gets upset.

Sejal drops the thread roll on the floor. Lakshmi picks it up. Sejal thanks her. Some goons come there and starts breaking things. Sejal and Babu ji come out. Babu ji asks Madhav why is he doing this? Madhav says you didn’t pay the rent. Babu ji says he will pay the rent after the exhibition and asks them to let Harsh come. Madhav’s goons break the stuff meant for exhibition.

Sejal takes the lathi and asks Madhav, if he and his goons stop or not. Madhav says I will take you home and will teach you a lesson. He asks goons to take her. The goon walks towards Sejal. Sejal hits him. Babu ji says I will call Police. Madhav asks his goons to kidnap her. Sejal fights with them.

Babu ji, Lakshmi and others are amazed to see Sejal fighting with goons. Madhav and his goons run away. Lakshmi says you fought like you was always fighting. Babu ji says you are not an ordinary girl, may be you used to do some bravery work before the accident. Lakshmi asks her to try to remember.

Sejal recalls seeing the flashes. Babu ji asks her not to worry thinking about her past. She asks until when I will try to solve my life puzzle. She prays to God and says my past might be bad that you erased it from my memory, and it is your leela that Harsh saved me and brought me here. She says you might want to do something big. Lakshmi asks Babu ji what they will take to Delhi, as Madhav’s goons broke all the stuff.

Drishti sees Adi and calls his name. Arun takes Adi hearing Drishti calling him. He says Nanu will bring toys for you. Veera comes there and says Adi needs his money and not the toys. She asks him to give Adi to Drishti.

Arun says if he becomes like Drishti. He says Adi will grow up with his Nanu and says this is practicality and not stone hearted. Veera thinks until Arun is busy with Adi and you (Drishti) are drowsy due to medicine, I will do the work.

Babu ji asks what we will do now? Sejal says we will do the work. Sheetal comes there and asks Paro to help her, as few goons are stealing her farm yield. Sejal asks her to sprinkle itching powder on the yield, so that they get itching.

Sheetal appreciates her idea. Many people come there and ask Paro/Sejal to give them solution. Sejal gets an idea and asks them to calm down. She says I will help you all, but for that you have to help us to make exhibition stuff. Everyone makes the stuff.

Yohan asks Krish if sample list is ready for 15 August. Krish says yes. Veera gives tender to Yohan. Krish asks why tender came in home. Veera appreciates Yohan for Krish’s change. Shalini says she has designed Krish’s clothes. Arun taunts Shail, which upsets Shalini and she goes. Veera asks yohan what was he saying?

Yohan tells that they are getting excellence award for the good quality of weapons which we have supplied to govt. He says it will be exhibited along with the fire alarms which we have designed.

Ahana comes and says it is matter of pride. She gives them aarti. Arun asks Yohan to go to exhibition and tells that he is busy with Adi. Krish says he will go. Veera says you can’t go, thinks she can’t put him in danger. She says she wants him to help her in the marriage arrangements.

Sejal tells Babu ji that they got enough stuff made. Veera tells Ahana that she has to do something to make her presence felt among her partners. Ahana says she has planned to steal the weapons. Veera says she has thought of a plan, and says we are going to supply weapons to our team after a long time. She says you can’t do any mistake and says once you marry Yohan. Ahana says then Yohan will be ours and his business too.


Spy Bahu 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahana talks to someone on phone and says we will meet in exhibition directly, and asks him not to come infront of Yohan, even by mistake. Shalini hears her. Later Ahana tells Yohan that she will come with him to the exhibition. Yohan calls Mr. bhaskar and says I have reached the exhibition. Drishti sees Sejal and shows to Yohan. Yohan, Ahana and Drishti looks on.


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