Spy Bahu 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Spy Bahu 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Spy Bahu 16th June 2022  episode starts with Sejal asking Yohan to stop working and rest. He asks what is it? Sejal asks her to have lauki soup. He says I will not drink it, take it. Sejal insists. She says we will have a challenge,

if you give answer to my riddle then you can skip this soup, else you have to drink. He asks if I am a little boy whom you are convincing. She tells the riddle. He says answer is anger. She says not talking about you.

She starts the countdown and says time is up. She asks him to drink soup. They have an eye lock. Kehdo naa plays….Sejal says sorry. She says sometimes I feel that I don’t have right to show right on you, but I just wants to make you fine, wants you to become like you was before. She says you took the bullet, but I felt the pain.

Dinky looks at them from outside. They have an eye lock. Dinky calls Sejal and says Mom is calling you. Sejal goes. Dinky comes to Yohan. Sejal gives BP medicine to Veera for Aarun. Veera thanks Sejal. She says I am making Binniya for Yohan so that he gets fine soon. Sejal says it has your love too.

Veera says I want bhog to be kept by you, for the havan which is for Yohan tomorrow. She praises her and says I know what are you thinking. Yohan takes the soup and tastes it. Dinky teases him. He says he lost the challenge and that’s why tasting it. She says you lost it intentionally.

Sejal thinks about SK and Yohan’s words. She calls Saras and says I am getting accepted here as a bahu, and says I don’t deserve this love, and says this relation will be over when I prove Yohan innocent and find out the truth.

Saras says you have kept care and love connection love, you are getting connected with them and that’s why feeling sad. She says I can’t have any connection with them or can’t be emotional. She says just as I prove his innocence, I will tell him the truth of me, being the spy.

She says he will hate me for this, and says our marriage happened on a wrong note. Saras says you married him for your mission, but he is a pure gold. He says this is Ambe Maa’s wish. He asks her to calm down and just do her work. He says Ambe Maa ki. Sejal says jai. She says until I am here, I will take care of them. She says I will give medicine to Yohan and asks him not to tell anything to Mummy.

Minal hears them and asks him if Sejal married Yohan for a mission. Dinky asks what happened? Yohan says this girl has taken care of me, but my own brother didn’t come to see me once. Dinky says Shail bhai tried to call you, but Dad stopped you. Yohan says after I was shot, I realized that this is just outside injury, real injury is something else.

Dinky asks if he had felt good if Shail had come. Yohan says I like seeing Aarun in the hospital, but I don’t care about anyone. Sejal thinks Yohan is missing him. He says Shalini bhabhi had planned that day and Shail Bhai supported her and proved what is important for him. Dinky says Shalini is his wife and he can’t leave her.

She says I know where is he? Yohan says I don’t want to meet you. Sejal comes inside and says it is your medicine time. Yohan says I was waiting for you. She asks if there is anything? He says no. She thinks to unite his family.

Saras tells the truth to Minal and says I have to tell you the truth, breaking promise with Sejal. Minal feels bad for Sejal and recalls scolding her. She says Sejal was my real daughter, but I couldn’t become her mother. He says she knows that you love her a lot and that’s why made us go from there.

Minal says you trusted her always, but I didn’t. He says I came to know about the mission, when Yohan was saved. Their son comes there and says now I don’t need to hide our chats. Saras asks him to call Yohan and says Minal wants to talk to them. Minal says not like this.


Spy Bahu 17th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shail and Shalini come for havan. Aarun asks how dare they to come there. Sejal says she has called them to attend the havan for Yohan. Aarun asks how dare she to call them?


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