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Spy Bahu 19th July 2022 Episode starts with Sejal falling off the sofa and calls Yohan. She checks the time. Yohan messages her that he left for office and misses her, and asks her to wake up late. She thinks she has to go to office. She comes out and sees Veera trying to feed food to Drishti forcibly.

Sejal stops her and thinks she shall not doubt at me. She says Drishti will eat what she had yesterday. Drishti says dosa. Sejal says she will safeguard Drishti. Veera says I trust you. She says I have to go to Night school, as I have meeting with the investors. Sejal calls Mehul and asks him to make dosa and asks not to add any red thing in it.

He says ok. Sejal asks Shalini to take care of Drishti as she has to go. Shalini says ok and thinks Sejal is hiding something from her. Krish comes there and scares shalini. She asks what is this misbehavior?

He says you don’t do b*t*hing with me, don’t drink Shail bhai’s blood on call and don’t badmouth about Sejal and yohan bhai. He says I brought rudraksh’s mala for you. Shalini says I will not go anywhere and says I came to know about Sejal’s truth. She says she is secretly talking to someone and doubts that she has an extra marital affair.

Veera comes to the school and meets the investors on video call. She says welcome to the Mission Azaadi. The guy says thank you sir ji. Veera says we have been working since many years, and did so many blasts, and have done business of the weapons, but you all are masked.

They tell that she is also wearing Veera Nanda’s mask. She says I know that you all are worried about Yohan taking over the business. The guy asks if Yohan Nanda knew about it. Veera says no, and tells that nobody can crack the code. She says we shall use those 70 crores first to provoke more boys for Mission Azaadi. Veera says so I shall transfer the money today.

Yohan comes to Sejal and tells poetry. She asks from where you heard it. He says it is my original line. She says I am impressed, shall I make lunch for you. Yohan says you have become half Punjabi after marrying me, and I have become half gujrati after marriage. He says he heard that Gujrati people have sweets before having food.

She says you heard wrong. He moves her hair and says I am not asking what you thought, I just want to her what you said yesterday. She says I…Peon comes there and asks if they want to drink tea. Yohan refuses. Sejal asks about auditor’s family. Yohan says they are shattered, we will bear their expenses,

I will go and meet them today. He gets a call from SK. SK says according to the report, Manohar got heart attack. Sejal thinks why SK sir is not giving all the info to Yohan about Auditor’s death. She says she has done computer course and asks can I decode Swiss bank account password decode.

He says even our IT professional couldn’t decode it. Sejal says they might not have taken Ambe Maa’s name. Yohan says he called the experts to decode it. The employee informs Veera that Yohan is trying to decode the swiss account. The employee comes and asks Yohan to come to see the model.

Yohan says I will come in 5 mins. Sejal asks shall I try? Yohan says ok and asks her to make sure that no file shall be deleted. He asks her to say what he heard yesterday. He says I will come after ending the work.

Sejal opens his laptop and connects it with her phone. She recalls having the passcodes given by the expert to her. Veera logins to the account. Sejal thinks Veera Nanda is trying to login. Veera logins and says you can’t do anything Yohan Nanda.

Sejal recalls the expert’s advice and hangs Veera’s laptop. Veera thinks how did it hang? Sejal manages to crack the code and transfers money to Nanda Industries.

Veera is shocked to see the money gone from the account. Sejal informs Yohan that she has cracked the code and also transferred the money in Nanda Industries account. Yohan says no course teaches this. Sejal says she had typed hanuman ji’s name and it was the password.

Yohan says may be it is a guess. He praises her. Sejal thinks if anyone comes to know that I have cracked it, then Veera Nanda will be alerted. She asks Yohan not to tell anyone, and says if anyone ask me to decode again and if I couldn’t do it, then I will feel bad. Yohan says ok, I will not tell anyone and praises her.

Veera thinks what will happen if her team comes to know about this. She comes home and sees Media there. Sejal asks Veera to come. They sit infront of the Aarti Nanda Foundation banner. The reporter asks Veera, how is she feeling to do a big donation.

Sejal says our Mummy ji don’t remember the good deeds after doing it and that’s why we want to get it done by her. She recalls Yohan telling that they have to answer IT dept for this 70 crores. Sejal says we shall donate this money to your Mission Kashmir, through Aarti Nanda foundation. She says she wants Veera to do the donation. He says he couldn’t accept her till now.

Sejal says she is your Maasi and asks him to agree. He says ok. Fb ends. Yohan tells that today is their lucky day and says Nanda Industries major investment is cleared and that’s why they want to do its good use, and for that they are donating it for Mission Kashmir. Someone brings a big cheque of 70 crores. Veera looks at the amount and gets shocked. Sejal looks on.

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