Spy Bahu 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Spy Bahu 20th July 2022  Episode starts with Veera looking at 70 crores cheque. Sejal says we want to donate this money to the organization who stops the children from opting for terrorism, and make them a better person.

She asks Veera to donate the money. Veera donates it with a smile on her face. The reporter asks how she can have a better behavior being a step mom, that Yohan made you gave a big donation with your hand. Veera says love shall be truthful and says she would like to thank yohan and Sejal, as there could be no better use of this money.

Veera thinks Yohan has decode the account with help of expert and says she has to fasten up the hang rope. Sejal thinks Mummy ji must have never thought that I will get 70 crores donated by her. Veera comes there and pretends to be very happy, says you have made my dream come true.

She hugs her and says now the terrorists need to be careful. Sejal says yes. Veera says I shall thank Yohan, as he gave me so much respect for the first time. She asks where is he? Sejal says I don’t know.

Drishti says he went to meet auditor. Veera thanks her and talks to someone, says I will make arrangements for money. The guy says you have 24 hours to deliver bullets and gun powder. Veera says just one mistake and people get a chance to say. She calls the employee and asks him to distract Yohan so that they can do the weapon work.

Yohan is outside the house and his hand get injured colliding with something. He comes inside the house and sees Veera standing wearing black saree. She shoots him on his chest. He holds his chest and falls down dead. It turns out to be Sejal’s dream. She wakes up and runs to search him.

Yohan asks what happened Sejal, says he was with Drishti. He asks her to drink water and takes her with him. Sejal washes her face and still think about Veera. She says it was a bad dream, I will not let anything happen to Yohan. She comes to the room. Yohan asks if she is fine? She says yes, she had headache, but is now fine.

Yohan asks if she is not comfortable still to sleep on the same bed with him. He keeps pillows on the bed and says you can sleep here, this is a boundary, which will not cross until you want. She says I talk in sleep.

He says its ok. She says I use my legs in sleep. He says this will run, if there is any other warning. She sits on the bed. They take the blanket and cover themselves. They look at each other and try to sleep. Yohan sleeps. Sejal checks the time 12:47 am. She thinks I shall take care of Yohan for just 24 hours.

In the morning, Yohan wakes up and turns on the bed, to find his hand tied by her dupatta. He looks at her, and says when I come closer, you maintain distance and when I go far, you does this thing, what do you want Sejal Nanda. She turns in sleep. He keeps pillow to stop the sunrays falling on her face.

He kisses on her forehead, when she gets up hurting his nose accidentally. He asks what is this? She says this is part of my Mannat, you can’t go away from my sight for 24 hours. He asks seriously. She says this dupatta will not open for 24 hours. He says lets go and have bath then? He says it will be first time that I will not take bath alone.

Shalini is teaching the guards in the house. Krish asks what is she doing? Shalini tells that she wants to do like Mummy ji and that’s why she is teaching luxury brands name so that they don’t sound like illiterate infront of others. Krish asks her to show her general knowledge. He asks about tinde rate. Shalini says 300 Rs. Guard says it is 65 Rs. Krish laughs. Shalini says she was talking about fresh tinde. She dismisses the class.

Sejal is sitting in the bathroom while he is taking bath. He comes out of the curtain and tries to romance with her. She says she has taken mannat as she saw a bad dream. He says he wants to be in danger all life, to be tied with her dupatta. She asks him to go.

Veera comes to Sejal and Yohan, and tells about the vouchers of the country club. She asks why their hands are tied. Sejal says she has done mannat to fulfill a big wish. Veera asks them to take Drishti to country club as she likes its swimming pool. She says you have to go today as the vouchers will expire tomorrow.

Yohan says we can’t go as I have to go to warehouse for the consignment to be delivered. She says anyone can go. He says I can’t leave this consignment on anyone. He says I have to go full and final. Sejal says if we go to club on mannat day, then it will not look good. Veera says I have to compromise with the weapons, and asks them to be at home due to Mannat, and she will get the delivery done.

Yohan says I don’t trust anyone on this and calls her Maasi. Sejal apologizes to her and tells that they will get full good deeds with this mannat. Yohan says employees will get free entertainment seeing their boss tied. Sejal says lets go. Veera thinks if you will die Yohan? Sejal and yohan walk out of house.


Spy Bahu 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yohan asks his employees to tell Home Minister that he will check all the consignment before dispatch this time. Sejal finds his thumb bleeding. Veera throws oil on the stairs. Sejal prays for Yohan’s safety.


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