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Spy Bahu 20th June 2022 Episode starts with Yohan thinking about the moment when he made Sejal wear the mangalsutra. Drishti comes there and asks what is he thinking? She says even she went through the same feelings when she fell in love with Abhi.

He asks what? Sejal says I have returned this mangalsutra, but you returned it back to me. Yohan says it is not love. Drishti says you have thrown Shail and Shalini bhabhi for Sejal’s respect. He says he will do this for anyone.

Drishti counts all the good things which Sejal has done for him and says your relation has crossed all the hardships, as you both are in love. Sejal says Yohan hates the liars, then why we are getting connected.

Yohan asks if she don’t know how they got married. He says I don’t know the reason and says he feels that she has hidden many secrets from him. Drishti says important is that you started loving her even though you have so many questions in mind. Sejal says I wish I would have given proofs to SK sir that Yohan is innocent,

so that I can tell the truth to Yohan. She says how to make SK sir understand. SK comes there and calls Yohan Nanda. He says Nanda Industries are getting raid. Yohan asks why? Aarun says you have no authority to raid our company. SK says we have warrant and asks Tana ji to show. They show the warrant to Aarun.

SK says we have seized some guns and Nanda Industries stamp is on the parts which clears that Nanda Industries is the manufacturer. He says Nanda Industries will be locked until the matter is cleared up.

Yohan says it is a misunderstanding. SK says when the attacked happened, you was in the hotel and we are doubtful about you. He says you will be under arrest. He tells Aarun that he will be arrested too, as he is the MD of the Nanda Industries. Drishti calls Abhi. Sejal asks SK if she can see the warrant copy.

She reads it. SK says Nanda industries has supplied the parts. Aarun says she is seeing the warrant as if she will save us. Sejal says you have proofs, but you didn’t have concrete proofs that you will arrest yohan and Papa ji.

She says it was a planned attacked, if the guns are from Nanda Industries, then why they will not move their barcode. SK says everyone can do mistakes. Sejal says mistake can happen once, but not again and again. She says why they will not wipe the proofs before you get it, Yohan was there and would have wiped the proofs so that he don’t get the blame.

SK says if we shall believe that it is not their mistake and says guns don’t have legs. Sejal says someone might have stolen it from Nanda Industries and have supplied to the terrorists. She says you don’t have strong proofs that they supplied those guns. SK says he will get it during the investigation.

She asks how you will arrest them for investigation as you have search warrant and not arrest warrant. SK looks at Tana ji upset. He tells Sejal that he will bring arrest warrant in 12 hours.

Sejal requests him and his team to come there, when they get the warrant and says for now you don’t have authority to arrest my husband and father in law. She says we will investigate and proof that Nanda Industries is not having any involvement with the attack. SK thinks she is using my tricks on me.

She thinks she wants to proof Yohan’s innocence. SK says ok, but Nanda Industries will be locked till then and then I won’t let you both freed, as your place is in jail. He says I will meet you both there. Yohan says time will tell. SK and Tana ji leave.

Shalini asks Sejal if she works in secret police. Yohan says we shall thank Sejal for this. Sejal says we will find some way anyhow. Aarun thinks he can’t trust Sejal and calls home Minister’s office. Shail comes there. Aarun asks did you call all the lawyers. Shail says they are coming. Aarun says all the lawyers will work for us, our business runs on good will, if we get arrested then everyone will come on road.

Yohan and Sejal come to the Nanda Industries. Sejal says the guns are of Nanda Industries, we want that mediator link who sold it to the terrorist. Yohan says we shall check the suppliers’ list. He says who can be, who sold the guns.

Sejal says it is not sold, but given as samples. Yohan says sample and says it has another file. He gives her file. She checks the name as Mr. Shah and recalls SK’s words. Yohan recalls of making him share holders.

He says before 100 crores deal, guns were sent to Shah. He asks if she is sure that these are the guns number which were given to Shah. Sejal recalls and tells the numbers to Yohan. Yohan says numbers are all same and asks did you take the pic of the numbers. She says even a child remembers.

He says Shah bought guns from us and sold to terrorists. He says that day he ran away from hotel with his wife. Sejal says he was talking sweetly with us so as terrorists can take time to attack. Yohan says I hate betrayals and says he will not leave Shah.

Shah meets Abhi and says Fareed, Abhishek, Yohan’s brother in law etc. He asks what to call you. Abhi says you remember all my names, but let it be my top secret and we are soldiers and you give us weapons. He asks what do you have to do with Mission Kashmir. Shah says what matters to me is money, and screams seem to be like a music to me. He says today 100 crores gun delivery is there and asks him to plan 10 attacks.

Yohan says 100 crores gun delivery is today. He says Shah will not store all the guns with himself and will handover it to the terrorists. Sejal says factory is closed due to raid. Yohan says truck loading is done and left from the factory today itself. Fareed says we didn’t see sir ji, we might not be familiar with his face,

but knows his mission. He says I don’t want this consignment to be disturbed and that’s why didn’t do anything to Sejal and Yohan. He says now he has to Police station and act. He says just as the guns are delivered, so we can plan our next attack. Sejal says if the guns are delivered then more attacks will be planned and to prove your and your family innocence will be futile. Yohan calls the driver, but the number is unreachable.

Sejal finds Shah’s address for delivery. Yohan says there is no space for so much guns, he will handover guns to terrorists today. Sejal says we have to leave now itself. Yohan asks why to risk your life, as you married me for money. Sejal says she is coming with him, so as to save him. They leave and are on the way.

she says we didn’t tell this to Papa ji, as if Shah comes to know then he will get alert. Yohan says I am working with someone before. Sejal says even she is working with someone for the first. Yohan says you memorizes things well, fights with the goons etc and says you shall not be Mrs. Yohan Nanda, but a spy. She looks at him.

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