Spy Bahu 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Spy Bahu 21st July 2022 Episode starts with Yohan and Sejal coming to the company’s godown. The employees say good morning and laugh at them seeing their hands tied. Yohan says they are laughing at us. Sejal says we will get good deeds.

Yohan says lets earn some more good deeds. He pulls her closer. Sejal asks him to get the work done fast as Drishti is alone at home. Yohan asks Ramesh to come to him.

Drishti talks to the teddy and says Abhishek is the best. Veera comes to her and says not best like me. She asks who plays with you, pillow fight. Drishti says you are a murderer, I want to go to Sejal bhabhi. Veera says I will send her to Sejal and calls Driver. She asks Driver to take her to Sejal to Nanda Industries’ warehouse.

Yohan tells that the gun power shall be reached at the right destination. He takes papers to sign and sees his injured finger. Sejal sees his finger bleeding and asks if anyone has bandaid or cream. She sucks his blood. Driver takes Drishti from there. Veera sits in another car and goes.

Yohan tells that he wants to say that this is ink, and says either your mouth works or ears. Sejal thinks she is double battery and then also couldn’t figure out that it is ink. He sits back to sign. Drishti reaches the warehouse.

Veera comes there in another car and says I will see, how they don’t distract. She looks at the red ball and comes inside calling drishti. Drishti gets afraid. Veera shows her the red ball and says it is your favorite color. She throws ball at her. Drishti gets scared and calls Sejal. Sejal says Drishti.

Yohan asks what Drishti will do here, it is a warehouse. Drishti shouts again. Yohan and Sejal come out and try to calm down Drishti. Drishti says khooni maa scared her. Veera comes there and tells that Drishti fooled her and came here. Sejal sees red ball and understands everything. Veera asks them to take Drishti home and says she will handle the work here.

Yohan says I will take Drishti home. Sejal asks Yohan to do his work and tells that she will handle Drishti. Drishti throws something on Veera and runs. Veera gets upset. Sejal runs behind Drishti. Drishti picks a bomb. Sejal asks Yohan to go out and ask SK to send the bomb squad. Yohan goes out.

Veera tries to go out. Drishti holds her and activates the bomb by mistakes. Sejal is shocked to see the timer on. She recalls Tana ji teaching her to cut the wire which is more than 12 cms. She takes the cutter. All the employees get scared. Sejal walks towards them and tells Drishti that she can do anything with Mummy.

She says we will play a game and asks her to be statue. Veera thinks why sejal is talking like mad. Sejal says statue and asks Drishti not to move, and count till 50. She thinks why wire to cut. Veera asks what is she doing, if she has gone mad? Sejal looks at the wire carefully and cuts the wire before the bomb could blast.

Everyone keeps hand on their ears. Veera is shocked and scared and runs to safety. Sejal sits down shockingly. Drishti asks Sejal to free her. Veera asks Sejal why did she take a big risk. Sejal says timer was on, I have to do it. Veera says Sejal has diffused the bomb, how? Sejal frees Drishti and asks her not to play with this toy again.

She says she will make khooni mummy do sit ups. She says we shall go home. Drishti asks shall I take Abhi with me. Sejal says ok. Veera asks how can you cut the wire and asks how did you do it? Sejal says I have seen in films, how to cut the wire, took Ambe Maa’s name and cut it, and we are saved. She says because of your good deeds, we all are saved. She takes Drishti from there, while Veera gets doubtful.

Yohan asks Sejal, how she can cut the wire, risking everyone’s life. She says she took Ambe Maa’s name and cut the wire. Yohan is worried. He gets a call from Police and tells Sejal that they want to give him info about Abhi.

He asks her to take Drishti home. He tells Sejal that he did the same mistake as Raja and gave his life in her hands. He says my weak nerve is you and Drishti and asks her to take care for him. Sejal says I am sorry yohan, I didn’t want to hurt you. She says I will not do this again. Yohan asks her to take Drishti home.

Sejal asks Drishti to come in car. Veera comes there and says I will come in another car for her betterment. Sejal says Drishti shall stay away from you, for her betterment. Veera says for few days and tells that I can’t stay away from my daughter.

Yohan meets the Inspector. Inspector says he got the CCTV footage and that’s why he called him to show it. A lady Police officer calls Tana ji and says that Yohan came to see the footage. She sends message to Tana ji. Tana ji calls her and tells that SK got Sejal’s footage deleted already. Yohan tells Inspector that no info is found about the person who was with Abhishek. Inspector says we will find out.

Tana ji tells Sejal that she shouldn’t have diffused the bomb infront of Sir ji. Sejal asks if he believes that Veera is Sir ji. He says ofcourse and tells that he believes on her gut feeling. He says SK sir needs proofs. He says this woman is very dangerous, and says SK sir and I have deleted the footage where you was there. Sejal says I will find out the proofs and swears on her specs. Veera thinks she has to control Sejal and pours oil on the stairs, thinks until your 2-4 bones gets broken, I will not get peace.


Spy Bahu 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yohan and Sejal are romancing in rain, when a girl comes there claiming to be Mahira. Sejal thinks who is she, as she is the real Mahira.


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