Spy Bahu 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Spy Bahu 22nd July 2022 episode starts with Veera thinking until Sejal’s bones break, I will not get peace. She waits for Sejal to come down. She gets a call and sees Sejal standing outside and praying to God.

She thinks how did she come down without falling. Sejal asks Ambe Maa to make her prayers answered. Veera goes inside and checks the stairs, she couldn’t find oil or its trace. She comes out and falls down slipping on the oil. Sejal thinks first you attacked on Yohan and then Drishti. She says as you sow, so you reap.

Sejal cares for Veera’s legs. She asks Servant to get the floor cleaned. Shalini says it is good that your teeth didn’t fall. Sejal says I will make fine soon with my massage. Veera thinks you made me fell down, I will enquire about you.

Veera’s employee comes to Minal-Saras’s home indisguise of a sardar ji and tells that he is from govt to count the population. He asks how many kids you have? Just then he gets a call. Saras and Minal go to side, and suspects the employee.

Sejal asks Veera if she is feeling pain. Veera says yes. Sejal says it is good and says you will be fine soon. Krish comes there and asks for 2 lakhs rs to buy new watch. Veera says she can’t give today, as she can’t walk. Shalini asks for keys and says she will give the money. Veera refuses.

Sejal thinks why she is hesitating. The employee asks Minal and Saras about their children. Saras’s mother tells that they have one children of their own and Sejal is the adopted daughter from Kashmir, she was 5 years when they had adopted her. Saras asks his mother to go inside and makes an excuse and takes her inside. Minal gets worried.

Arun comes back home and appreciates yohan for increasing their profits to three times and it is showing its effect on their Dubai business too. Yohan says you are saying this as I have done 70 crores charity.

Arun says you have done profit, I will not say anything, great job. He comes inside and asks what happened? Sejal says mummy ji had slipped. Shalini asks how was Shail? Arun says disappointing. Krish laughs. Veera asks if he will stay back for few days. He says I have to get some papers signed and leave immediately. Sejal asks Veera to go to Dubai with Papa ji to spend the precious moments.

Shalini says Mata Rani came in my dreams yesterday and asked me to fulfill the responsibility of the house and locker. She asks her to go happily. Veera shouts asking why she is behind her keys. Krish says Mom? Veera says it is a burden which others can’t handle. Sejal says greed and responsibility breaks a person.

He asks Yohan if Aarti mummy ji would have been alive then if we would have let her burdened with responsibilities. Yohan says it is not of Maasi, and it is of my mother. Shalini says she shall get the keys, as she is the ideal bahu. Veera thinks to give keys to Shalini, as she can easily fool her. She tells Sejal that she is right, she shall relieve her responsibilities and that’s why will give the keys to Shalini,

as she is the eldest bahu. Yohan says this is the difference and says if Mom would have been here, then she wouldn’t have done this. He says everyone knows who takes care of everyone, decision is yours. Arun thinks he shall make Yohan happy for business sake and asks Veera to give the keys to Sejal,

as she will handle the responsibility well. Veera says Shalini is elder bahu. Arun asks her to give keys to Sejal. Shalini gets angry and tells that she is an ideal bahu. She says everuone knows how this servant trapped yohan into marriage.

Yohan asks shall I remind what you have done. Sejal stops him and asks veera to give keys to Shalini as she can take care of house without the keys. Arun says decision is taken, and asks Veera to give keys to Sejal. Sejal comes to Veera. Veera gives keys in her hand and keeps her hand on her head. Sejal holds her hand.

The employee checks Sejal’s call records and DNA report checked. He gets all info about her. He sends report to Veera. Veera says Sejal is Mahira of Kashmir, Police Informers Ayat and Shareef Mirza’s daughter. She says she went to orphanage after death, and then she went to Saras-Minal. Employee tells Veera that even Farid had identified her. Veera is shocked.

Employee says I came to know from Clinic that one copy was given to Abhishek. Veera gets angry and says betrayal guy, if he was alive, then I would have get him killed. She says he didn’t tell me that Sejal is his sister. Employee says Sejal had decoded the password of 70 crores account.

Veera says I thought Yohan is the hurdled, but Sejal is the one. The employee says who has sent her. Veera recalls her entry and how she cut the bomb wire. She realizes that Sejal is a spy and married Yohan. She says she is here, even after her brother’s death, and this means she wants to reach me. Sejal looks at the keys and says even Sir ji’s secrets will be unveiled with the locker.


Spy Bahu 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :A girl sends message to Sejal, calling her Mahira. Sejal thinks to tell truth to yohan. While Sejal and Yohan are spending some romantic moments. Sejal says I want to tell you something.


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