Spy Bahu 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Spy Bahu 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Spy Bahu 24th August 2022 Episode starts with Sejal saying that she don’t know what to do. Yohan asks her to believe him and tells Babu ji that what is his mistake, if he wants to spend his life with his wife and baby.

Babu ji says it will be decided and asks Paro to give her hand. He puts sindoor or turmeric in her hand and gives Sejal’s hand in his hand. He says your relation will be proved. He asks them to close their eyes and feel. He asks Sejal to hear what her inner soul wants to convey to her.

Sejal gets flashes of yohan and her in black and white and opens her eyes. Babu ji asks can you trust this guy and give your and your baby’s lives in this guy’s hands. Harsh looks on worried. Yohan keeps Sejal’s hand on his chest. Sejal says ok, I want to give a chance to him and our relation, for our future.

She says I will go home with him. Harsh gets upset and goes. Babu ji says if you think something is wrong, then I will come and bring him back, your babu will never leave you alone, this house will be your house always. Sejal hugs him and cries.

Shalini thinks Mahira was talking to someone and was saying that yohan shall not know. She thinks even on engagement day, she told something. She thinks to enquire and will go to Mom with proof.

Yohan thanks Babu ji for trusting him. yohan gives his visiting card with phone number on its backside. Sejal comes out. Lakshmi comes there and says there is a storm coming, all ways are closed to go out of Morbi. Babu ji asks them to stay back. Shalini falls on the bed and says sorry Mahira.

She realizes she is not on bed and thinks if she had gone out to meet that caller. She sees a guy standing and talking to Mahira (Ahana). Ahana asks the guy to go, standing outside the house. The guy says if you don’t come to meet me, then I will come and meet you. She says I will come and meet you surely and asks him to go. Shalini thinks Mahira is having an affair and thinks to tell Veera.

Harsh thinks about his moments with Sejal, sitting in rain. Babu ji comes to Harsh and asks him to come inside, says I know that you like her and was ready to accept her with her baby. Harsh asks what is the use, you are sending her with that guy. He worries for Paro. Yohan asks Sejal if she is taking vitamins.

Sejal says there is so much going on in her mind and gives him clothes to change. Yohan changes his clothes and lies down to sleep. Sejal asks do you need anything. Yohan says you didn’t sleep yet. Sejal says she didn’t get sleep since the accident. He says it is bad for baby’s health, if mother doesn’t sleep.

She gets hiccups and takes water. He says this hiccup will not go with water. The window opens up. Sejal goes to close the window. Yohan also comes there and they close the window. Song plays…..He cleans her specs and makes her wear it again. Song plays kehdo naa…He says I am sorry, until you say, I will not come near you.

He sneezes and says sorry. She says village rain doesn’t suit city people. She gives him towel and goes to make kada. He sees the sketch made by Sejal. He thinks this seems to be Kashmir sight, and these kids are like Mahira and me.

Sejal comes back and tells Yohan that she sees these two kids in her dreams and says may be they are related to my past life. Yohan thinks why she is making Mahira and my sketch, what she wants to do. Sejal asks do you know? He asks her to sleep and says we will talk tomorrow.

Veera tells Ahana that Arun is trying to find Yohan. Shalini comes there and gives something to Mahira to eat. She taunts her. She asks Veera if she went to Mahira’s room at 1 am, and says you would have called me also to share the pain. Veera says I didn’t go at that time to her room.

Shalini says when you was not with Mom, then where was you, as you was not in my room. Ahana says it is sweet that you cared about me and says you might not have seen that I was praying to God for Yohan. Veera praises her. Shalini says she can’t wait for Mahira to become bahu.

Sejal tries to apply ointment to her foot. Yohan comes there and asks her to call him, as it is his duty to take care of her. Babu ji comes there and gets happy. He says you are our Jamai, just like she is our daughter. He gives Kanhaiya’s idol in Sejal’s hands. Sejal gets happy and asks about Harsh.

Babu ji says he went for an order. He says even I have to go and give rent to Madhav. Sejal stops Yohan from touching her foot. yohan says this relation is about equality and respect. He asks her to let him do the massage. Sejal looks on. Just then the oil bowl falls on the ground. He says khakra got burnt. She says yes.


Spy Bahu 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Veera tells Ahana that Yohan will come at 12, then along with Krishna’s birth, they will get engaged. Ahana smiles. Babu ji sends Sejal with Yohan. Krish dances on kisna song. Yohan brings Sejal home. She slips. Yohan lifts her. Everyone looks at her.


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