Spy Bahu 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Spy Bahu 25th July 2022 Episode starts with Yohan waking up from sleep and finds Sejal’s mangalsutra stuck in his shirt. Sejal wakes up and sees her mangalsutra stuck. He asks how did you do this, and tells that sometimes you ties me with your dupatta,

sometimes you talk romantically in sleep and sometimes calls me closer by getting your mangalsutra stuck. Sejal says I get hiccups infront of you. Yohan says you make strange excuses and says yesterday. She hears the message beep sound and turns, and his shirt button breaks.

She says I will bring the needle and thread. He says shall I go now and says if you want then I will leave the shoulder for you. Sejal gets up and says sorry. She checks the message, Assalaamalaikum and Kashmir pic in the background.

She recalls playing at the place in her children. She thinks whose number is this? She calls on that number and asks who are you? The girl on the call says you don’t know me Mahira. The girl is walking on the road and talking to her, calls her Mahira.

Sejal asks who are you? The girl says whoever I am, but I am not the reason for my brother’s death and says what your parents would have thought thinking mahira became the reason for Farid’s death.

Sejal drops the phone shockingly. The girl asks how Yohan will take it, when he comes to know that his wife is a spy and Abhi was a terrorist. She says that day was not far when Yohan will hate you so much and asks her to complete the remaining line. Sejal gets up and takes out another phone from the cupboard.

She thinks to meet SK and tell him everything. She tells Yohan that she has to send an important medicine to Jaamnagar for Baa and asks shall I go and send it. Yohan says ok and asks her to be careful. Sejal comes out of the house and sits in the auto. The employee wearing burqa follows her.

Minal calls Sejal and informs her that a guy came and was trying to enquire about her. She says Baa told him about you, and asks who has sent him. Sejal says that guy was sent and Veera Nanda has sent him, and tells that she is Sir ji who taught terrorism to Farid bhai and thousands of guys.

Minal is shocked and says Veera is an ordinary housewife. Sejal says she might come to know about me till now. Minal asks why she will do this? Sejal tells that I don’t know, says may be she didn’t know much about me and says she might not know that SK sir had trained me.

She tells that yesterday she had diffused the bomb infront of her, and she might have guessed that I have cracked the password of 70 crores. She says she got the fake call to me, to enquire if I am Mahira. Minal says how you will live with her and says until Yohan is with her, nothing can harm you. Sejal says this will happen when Yohan continues to love me. She rushes back home and sees Yohan leaving. She thinks to tell him truth, and thinks he shall not hate me.

The employee calls veera and says he came to know everything about Sejal. Veera asks him to ask the chosen girl to enter Nanda Mansion. Sejal writes on the paper, reminding him of his and Mahira’s first meet. A flashback is shown.

Mahira gives him candy floss and asks for his name. He says my Mom tells that I shall not tell my name to strangers. She says she will call him Kuku. Sejal writes that you have always saved me, Yohan.

She keeps the Farid’s confession recording and writes that she is Mahira, asks him to message her that he has forgiven her. She comes to his office and hides seeing him going. He goes. She keeps the letter in his cabin and says I am eagerly waiting for you to read. She asks Peon to ask him to read the letter, it is personal.

Yohan is standing outside and talking on phone. The employee informs Yohan that Sejal had come nad had kept an envelope on the desk. He reads it. Sejal waits for Yohan’s message. She makes Drishti have food.

She gets SK call, and thinks she will not let her duty come between Yohan and her. She gets Yohan’s message in which he asks her to meet him. She thinks he has forgiven her, and thinks today we will meet without any conspiracy for the first time. She checks her sarees and imagines Yohan. She selects red saree and smiles.

Yohan is on the way and stops the car in the traffic jam. The girl hired by Veera goes past his car. Sejal comes to meet Yohan at the decorated place and waits for him to come. She thinks why he didn’t come till now,

if I lost him for forever by revealing the truth. Yohan comes there and calls her. He says today you have made me yours, by telling your truth. He says I have brought something for you and shows the red rose. He says today my love was waiting for me, with this charm. He says I can’t believe that this beautiful moment is part of my life.

Sejal says my flaws. Yohan says your all flaws are on my head and the way you have kept your truth infront of me, you need a lot of courage, I am proud of you. Sejal hugs him and asks if you have really forgiven me. He says yes and asks her not to hide anything from him. sejal says I love you so much. He asks her to say again. She says I love you Yohan. The girl is coming there.


Spy Bahu 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :A lady walks in Nanda mansion. Shalini asks the lady to go away and says here is no Kuku. Yohan and Sejal walk to her, Yohan asks who are you? she says Mahira.


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