Spy Bahu 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update


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Spy Bahu 27th April 2022 Sejal leaves to meet Sohail. Drishti stops her. She says I don’t want anything bad for you. I am sorry and thank you. I had my reasons. Sejal says I know we live in a society where girls can’t decide. Drishti says you’re not respected here why do you keep coming here? She says it’s a lifetime opportunity for me, I won’t let it go. I had to go out. Drishti says no worries.

Sejal calls Tanhaji and says please let me meet Sejal. He says I can’t give you that permission. Sejal comes to the police station with face covered. Constable says SP kept waiting for you. He thinks she’s someone else. He gets a call and leaves. Sejal sneaks near Sohail’s cell. Sejal says Sohail listen to me. I don’t know why you did this. Please tell me where is my Fareed brother? Please tell me.. Tanhaji comes in with the inspector.

Yohan is on call. Drishti comes there. Sejal hides. Tanhaji says to the inspector someone called and distracted you. We need to be careful. Drishti asks Yohan are you sure about this wedding? He says yes.

Aleesha gets ready. Her mom says you look so good. Aleesha says I will never let Yohan go away from me. She has photos of Yohan all over the walls. she says Yohan.. Yohan says I have know Aleesha for so long.

Drshti says if you’re not sure about her let it be. He says it’s okay. He recalls Mahira’s photo. Aleesha looks at his photo and says I won’t let anyone come between us. Shera calls Sejal and says come here fast. all guests are come. SK comes to the police station as well. They feel like someone is behind the wall. Sejal says this Yohan has made my life hell.

Scene 2
The function starts. Krish says where are poll dancers? Veera gives jewelry to Aleesha. Shalini says this jewelry is so good mom. Shalini looks at the chunri and says now see my game. It will be a huge blast. Sejal comes to yohan and says what were you calling for? He says you got late. I amd disappointed. The servant asks Sejal that Yohan has asked her to check wiring.

Sejal gets locked in the store room. She screams for help. Shalini locked her. She says my game starts. Veera and Aarun welcome the guests. Minister says finally it has begun. sejal screams for help. She feels cold. It’s cold room. the temperature drops. Shalini tells Shail she’s locked Sejal. Pandit ji says let’s start the function. Yohan comes. Sejal is fainting. Aarun asks Drishti to look for Yohan. Aleesha says you can’t back out from this wedding Yohan. Come wherever you are.

Sejal screams for help. Yohan hears the noise outside. She cries. Aleesha says Yohan doesn’t take this long to get ready. Yohan tries to break the door open. Lights go off. Sejal is fainting inside. Yohan sees her. He’s shocked.

He picks her and says how did this happen? He picks her and takes her outside. He says Sejal open your eyes. She says ammi.. ammi.. She reads the poem she used to read in childhood. Yohan is shocked. He recalls Mahira reading it. Everyone is looking for Yohan. He comes there with sejal in his arms.

Aleesha is angry. Lights turn on. Yohan puts her on sofa. He puts chunri on her. Aleesha shouts Yohan stop. Everyone is shocked. Aleesha’s mom says you gave bride’s chunri to this maid? People start talking. They say it’s a bad omen. Yohan says should I let her die for a piece of cloth? Drishti says thank God you saved her. Shail says we sent him there on time. This is the first step to break their marriage.

Sejal gets up. Yohan says what were you upto? Veera says Yohan is very caring. She asks maid to take Sejal. Pandit ji says no one can wear this chunri now. Veera says bring the other one. Shalini says Aleesha was so excited about it and now it’s Sejal’s.


Spy Bahu 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yohan and Alisha’s marriage rituals start.Yohan tells Alisha, he is forced to marry her, he may act to be happy with her but never love her. Alisha says to him, I don’t want your love and I know how to get what is mine.


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