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Spy Bahu 29th September 2022 Episode starts with Judge asking Yohan if he wants to do cross questioning. Yohan gives some papers to Judge. Judge asks him to proceed ahead. Yohan asks waiter Gopal about his salary.

Shabnam says it is irrelevant question. Yohan says it is relevant, you will know. He asks Gopal about his salary. Gopal says 12000. Yohan asks do you take loans to meet the expenses. Gopal says no. Yohan asks from where money was credited to your account, it was 50000 Rs. Gopal says it might have come in my account mistakenly and that’s why he will return it.

yohan says his statement is not trustable. Ahana thinks why did Arbaaz deposit the money in waiter’s account. Judge tells that they will hear the case hearing tomorrow. Shabnam says Ahana will reveal the dangerous incident which happened with her and the criminal will be punished.

Yohan thanks Sejal and says if you didn’t get the bank statement of that waiter, then we would have lost the case. Sejal says we couldn’t see something. She then gets an idea and asks yohan why Ahana took 2 hours to reach the PS. She says what she was doing in those 2 hours. She says CCTV footage will expose her. She calls SK and tells that she need CCTV footage of some road.

Next day, Judge asks Shabnam to start the case hearing. Shabnam calls Ahana for case hearing. Yohan thinks if Sejal is in trouble. Shalini calls her and the phone is unreachable. Ahana goes to the witness box.

Shabnam asks Ahana to tell everything to the court, whatever happened with her. Ahana says I had gone to meet yohan in the hotel, as he had promised me that he will take me out from Veera’s clutch, but it was an excuse, he wanted to do…She acts and goes. Judge asks do you want to do cross examination. Yohan thinks what shall I ask her, without any proofs. Ahana smiles.

Judge says we are giving you last chance to prove your innocence. Yohan says no, I have no proofs to show. The judge says the court holds Yohan Nanda guilty. Sejal comes there and asks Judge to stop. She says she wants to show some proofs which was not shown to court before.

Yohan takes it and tells Judge that he wants to call Ahana to the witness box. He says when the wrong thing happened with you, you reached PS directly. Ahana says right. Yohan says wrong and says CCTV footage is saying something else. CCTV footage is played in court in which it is clearly seen that she had gone to blue light bar with Arbaaz.

Yohan asks if you want to say anything. He then asks Shabnam, if something wrong happens with the girl, then will she go to PS or will go to bar with her lover. He tells that he wants to call Raju Shetty to the witness box. Raju Shetty comes to witness box. Yohan asks him, when did she come? He says 1:15 am and stayed till 2:30 am. He says she paid me extra. Yohan asks if she came alone.

Raju says she had come with her friend. He says first she was looking distressed, then she was laughing with him. yohan tells Judge that the case is clear, she made him unconscious and then tried to trap him in court case. The judge tells the verdict that Ahana made fake complaint against Yohan, so court is declaring him innocent. Ahana asks Judge to be quiet and says she wants to keep two mins silence, for everyone’s death whoever is sitting here. She laughs. Krish says what?

Veera sits in the Police jeep. The lady constable says you have beaten the cook as the food was spicy and that’s why we are shifting to another rigorous prison. Veera thinks I will see. Suddenly Arbaaz comes there on the way. The police van meets with an accident.

Arbaax releases poisonous smoke and takes out Veera from there. Veera smiles. SK gets a call. Ahana says it might be important call, pick it. SK says Veera has eloped from Police custody. He asks Inspector to come. Inspector opens the door. Ahana says Boom… Bomb blasts. Inspector dies in bomb blast. SK, Sejal and Yohan get shocked.

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Telecast Date:29th September 2022
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