Spy Bahu 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Spy Bahu 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Spy Bahu 2nd September 2022 Episode starts with Yohan thinking about Sejal’s words. Sejal recalls how Yohan saved her. He recalls Sejal saying that she said once that she wants to leave and he let her go. Ahana tells Veera that she will kill the baby, because of whom Yohan has brought Sejal here. She says she will ask Arbaaz to kill the baby.

Veera asks why don’t she understand that today she has saved her from Shalini. She says I have handled her with much difficulty and asks her to stay away from Arbaaz. Ahana says Arbaaz can be helpful to us. Veera says if Yohan loses the baby then you can’t think what he will do. Ahana asks what to do?

Veera asks her not to do anything and says I can’t warn you again and again. She goes. Ahana thinks even I will not warn you, first I will kill you, just as I become bahu after marrying Yohan. She says then I will kill you, he needs to be mine. Veera comes to Yohan and asks if he is in dilemma, and thinking how to forget whatever Sejal has done. She says you have brought her, but might be hesitant.

Yohan says I couldn’t bear to see her condition today, and tells that he hates her, but loves her immensely. Veera says don’t know what test God is taking. Ahana says he is betrayed by her, but one part of heart will always love her. He says it is unfair with her.

Veera asks him to think about Mahira, and says she loves you since her childhood, and have handled us in our bad times, she has seen dreams to marry you, but her dreams are shattered. She says how she might feel to see her brother’s murderer with you. Yohan praises her and says once I get my child, I will marry Mahira.

Veera says but Sejal. Yohan says Sejal will be punished for her doings, but not now. He says I have checked and she has really lost her memory. He says Sejal will be punished when she regains her memory. He says Sejal and Mahira, both will get their destination. Veera nods her head.

Sejal talks to her baby and says your Papa loves you a lot hichki. She says your Papa has named you hichki. Shalini comes there and asks how can anyone talk to herself so much. Sejal says I was talking to hichki. Shalini says she has brought clothes and jewellery for you, so that you can match with Nanda Mansion. She gives her mangalsutra and asks her to wear classy clothes and look like yohan’s wife.

The godh bharayi rituals start. Arun says lets do the rasam. Shalini says Mahira and I was waiting for it. Ahana thinks she will kill her. Arun covers dupatta on Sejal’s head and blesses yohan and Sejal. Veera gives fake best wishes to Sejal to have a healthy baby. Arun asks her to give real blessing, and says they want a boy.

Yohan asks about this era. Arun says 2022. He says he thought they went back to old century. Sejal asks Yohan to bring Drishti. Yohan brings Drishti near Sejal. Sejal makes Drishti touch her tummy. Shalini comes to Ahana and says you are also like the baby Bua. Ahana argues with her.

Someone asks Veera if they called Sejal’s mother. Sejal asks Yohan if he informed her mother that she is alive and asks where is she? Yohan says Veera is like a mother. Veera does the ritual and prays bad for her in her heart.

Ahana mixes poison in the laddoo. Shalini comes to the kitchen and sees her drinking water. She asks her why she is here? She then tells her that she will choose Sejal as her dewrani rather than her.

Some transgenders come there and dance. The family members dance too. Sejal is happy and seeing the dance. Ahana calls herself as the baby’s choti maa. She dances. Sejal and yohan’s smile vanishes. Ahana keeps hand on Sejal’s tummy and says I will love the baby as the choti maa.

Veera calls her and asks the transgenders to bless Sejal. The transgenders blesses Sejal to have children, to have her husband’s love shower on her always, and she stays happiness always. The transgender says their blessing don’t go waste. Ahana takes money from Arun, take off bad sight from Sejal and Yohan and give to the transgenders. Veera asks Yohan to make Sejal have the sweets.


Spy Bahu 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sejal vomits blood. Saras and Minal are shocked. Yohan takes her to hospital. Doctor says heart beat is dropping and it is difficult to save the baby.


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