Spy Bahu 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Spy Bahu 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Spy Bahu 30th August 2022 Episode starts with Veera asking Yohan if they shall forgive Sejal, as she is pregnant with his child and has forgotten everything. Yohan says she didn’t forget anything, I am sure about this.

Veera says then we shall handover her to Police. Yohan says how to handover her to Police, she is having my baby, I have applied for her bail as she is pregnant. Ahana asks if you will marry me, or leave me midway. Yohan says I don’t want to hurt your heart and can’t promise anything which I can’t fulfill.

Ahana says you are written in my destiny, even if Sejal is here or not. Veera says if she is getting loyal to yohan and asks if she is doing the same mistake which Sejal did. She says if I come to know that you love yohan, then I will kill you with my hand, but will not let my plan fail. Ahana says no Sir ji. Veera says Yohan is doing what he wanted, we shall sit and see what he is doing with Sejal.

Yohan comes to the room and sees Sejal burning the blanket. Sejal says she has burnt his fake concerned and also her hope due to which she came here. yohan thinks she has burnt her parents stuff. He asks why did she burn her blanket? Sejal says yesterday you told that you have thrown everything belonging to me. Yohan recalls keeping just the blanket. Sejal coughs.

Yohan asks her to do breakfast and asks her to take care of his baby. Sejal asks why do you hate me and love your baby so much. Yohan says you shall not shout as it is bad for baby’s health. Sejal refuses and says you are like arrogant master ji of the school. He asks her to have breakfast. Sejal says today she is keeping janmasthami fast. Yohan asks with whose permission?

Ahana gets Arbaaz’s call and says she will call later. She decorates the dahi handi, and plans to do something evil with Sejal. Shalini comes to Sejal and yohan and gives shagun for Sejal. Yohan takes it. Ahana comes out and changes the dahi handi, thinks you will break the handi which I got ready.

The helper comes to Arun and asks him to feed milk to Adi. Arun says I don’t have time, and asks her to feed him, else make him sleep. Veera asks Arun, until yesterday you couldn’t bear to see him crying. Arun says my real heir is coming. Sejal tells Yohan that he is still Paro. Yohan says I am just saying that….

Arun comes there and scolds Yohan. He then apologizes to Sejal and says this puja is very important for the baby and nothing is important to me than my heir’s happiness. He asks her to come for puja and wipes her tears. Sejal says she will agree to his sayings, but can’t bear yohan’s anger. She goes to get ready. Yohan tells Arun that as far as he remembers, he hates her. Arun says we will talk later, for now don’t upset her.

Arbaaz comes to Yohan’s house and makes a call to Ahana. Ahana asks where is he? Arbaaz applies color to his face and starts dancing. Ahana asks him to stop playing games with her. Arbaaz is walking behind her.

Ahana looks for him. The dahi handi is hanging with the flower rope. Yohan comes there. Arun asks where is Sejal? Yohan says she must be coming. Sejal comes there and takes Arun’s blessings. Arun blesses her. Sejal then touches Veera’s feet. Veera looks for Ahana and thinks where is she?

Shalini talks to Shail and says she is missing him, and says she got all the decorations done. Arun asks Veera, where is the plate and the bracelet. Veera asks Servant to bring the plate. Servant gives plate to Arun. Arun asks Sejal to make her husband wear this bracelet, as we got this from Pandit ji,

as when Yohan breaks this handi, this bracelet will protect him. Arbaaz takes Ahana to side. Shalini looks at them. Ahana warns him not to harm Yohan, else she will file Police complaint. Arbaaz says you are getting possessive about him and says he has so much to say against her. Ahana asks him to leave her hand. Shalini takes their pic and hides.

Sejal picks the bracelet and makes Yohan wears it. She applies color to his face and says Kanha ji shall always protect you. Arbaaz comes to the men who are going to help Yohan climb up to reach the dahi handi. Shalini comes to Veera and says I want to show you something. Ahana comes there and says I was seeing the arrangements.

Shalini says handi is tied very up. Veera says yohan will manage. Yohan couldn’t climb at first. Arun asks him to retry. Ahana recalls Arbaaz’s threat. Yohan climbs up standing on the men. Arbaaz pushes all the men and they fall. Arun shouts Yohan. Sejal shouts Nanda ji and gets worried.


Spy Bahu 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sejal sees Yohan and Mahira’s wedding card and packs her bags to leave. She shows the wedding card to Yohan. Yohan says if you want then can go. Sejal is walking out of house.


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