Spy Bahu 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update


Spy Bahu 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Spy Bahu 31st August 2022 Episode starts with everyone seeing the men falling down. Sejal runs shouting Nanda ji. She asks the men if they saw him. Yohan is still holding the rope and is standing. Yohan breaks the dahi handi.

Some photos fall down the handi. He jumps down. He sees Sejal standing and comes near her. Sejal doesn’t see the photos and steps on it to come near Yohan. Yohan thinks she didn’t care for her parents, and can do anything.

Ahana thinks this is not that matki. Sejal asks him to come and get the medicine applied, says it is good that Sasur ji gave you this raksha bracelet. Ahana comes to Yohan and asks him about the photos. He tells that he had kept the photos to test Sejal. She says Sejal is a terrorist and has no emotions.

She says she has killed my brother. Yohan says he is eager to catch her. Ahana asks if he is doing this to fall in love with Sejal again. He says he will not fall in love again with Sejal or anyone else. He goes. Arbaaz calls Ahana and threatens her.

Yohan comes to Sejal and wipes color from her face. She asks if I was really smiling in that pic or you had made me smile forcibly keeping gun on my head. Yohan says you used to love weapons. Sejal turns to go and collides with someone and the flower petals falls on them. Kehdo na plays…Sejal goes away from there.

Shalini comes to Veera, holds her hand and says it is good that Mahira’s marriage haven’t happened, and tells that she is characterless. She says she has a boyfriend and came here. Veera says you have a misunderstanding.

Shalini shows the pic to Veera. Veera sees Arbaaz and Ahana’s pic, but pretends as if she couldn’t see. She says you want me to believe me seeing this pic. Shalini asks her to Zoom and see. Veera asks what is your problem with, she does so much for us, even after her engagement broke. Shalini thinks what to do?

Sejal thinks of Yohan’s words that he don’t want to see her face. She talks to her baby and says I felt the true love when he held my hand in village, and now he is showing hatred towards me. She says I don’t know if that love or this hatred is real.

She says I will make your life beautiful, your Papa loves you a lot and you are the rope between us. She opens the cupboard to get the kanha’s idol given by babu ji and finds the wedding card of Mahira and Yohan’s marriage.

She thinks he was about to marry Mahira, and thinks his hatred is the truth and this is the proof. She packs her bags and comes to the hall. Arun asks where are you going? Sejal says she can’t stay in this cunning house. Sejal looks at Ahana. Yohan says it is enough of madness, come inside.

Sejal shows his wedding card and says when you wanted to marry someone, why did you bring me back. He says I didn’t know that you was alive. She says I was in the car and was alive. She says when I asked you, you said that she is your friend. She asks if I have no right to know this.

Veera says you are thinking wrong. Ahana thinks why Sir ji is saying this. Sejal says I know when my baby will born, you will snatch my baby and will give to this girl. Arun says why we will do this. She says she don’t trust him. He says Sejal is right, I told you that you used to loved me so much that you was never insecure.

He says why to fulfill the relation when there is no trust. Arun asks what are you saying? Yohan says if you want then you can go. Arun says our heir is in her womb. Yohan says I can’t force her, if she is not happy here then it is bad for baby’s health. He says it is good if she feels safe going out from here. Sejal picks her stuff. Ahana smiles. Sejal thinks about Yohan and her moments.

Ahana smiles and says congratulations Mummy ji, may be Sejal will be out and Mahira in. Arun tells that Yohan has done foolishness, he would have bear Sejal until the baby is born. Adi cries hearing him shouting. Veera says Adi will get scared.

Arun says I am worried about my real heir and can’t think about him. He asks Servant to take Adi and his mother from there. He says he has a daughter who does nothing rather than sleeping and his son has ruined everything due to the confidence. Shalini thinks even Mom couldn’t handle Dad.

Sejal is walking on the road and thinking of Yohan. She feels apologetic for her baby and says I couldn’t give you a home. Yohan comes in the car and thinks I put you in this situation and forced you to take help from every person who knows you as Sejal, and then I will catch you red handed and will prove that this memory loss is just a drama.


Spy Bahu 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : While Sejal’s godh bharayi begins, Arun asks Veera to start the rasam. Veera blesses Sejal unwillingly. Ahana says the celebration will end up in mourning, and yohan will get my shoulder to cry. Yohan makes Sejal have sweets. Sejal smiles.


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