Spy Bahu 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Spy Bahu 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Spy Bahu 5th September 2022  Episode starts with Yohan is about to make Sejal have the laddoo, when Shalini comes there and asks Yohan to stop. She says I have planned interesting game, and says lets play it first.

Veera says you shouldn’t have interrupted. Sejal says lets play the game, Shalini bhabhi has done a lot of hardwork. Ahana says yes. Shalini brings the milk bowl and tells that she will mix blue and pink stones in it, and says if more pink stones are found, then girl, and if blue stones then boy. Arun asks Yohan to pick blue stones.

Ahana says the baby shall be healthy. Sejal and Yohan put hand in their bowl to search the stone. Kehdo Naa plays….Shalini counts the stones/marbles and says it is equal. A lady says they will have both kids, a girl and a boy.

Ahana says time to have sweets now. Yohan takes the sweets tray and makes Sejal have it with his hand. Ahana smiles seeing Sejal having the laddoo.

Someone gets down from the car. Yohan gets a call and goes to attend it. Sejal feels uneasiness in her throat. Ahana looks at her. Sejal calls Arun, but he is busy in talks. Sejal asks Ahana to give water, but she ignores her. Yohan is talking on phone. Sejal tries to call Yohan. Just then Saras and Minal enter the house.

Minal calls Sejal. They run to her. Arun thinks how did they come here? They see Sejal’s baby bump and asks if she is pregnant. Minal kisses her cheeks and asks what happened why are you looking at me this way.

She asks her to say. Yohan says Sejal has lost her memory. Saras and Minal are shocked and gets up. Yohan says I found her in a Gujrat’s village. He says she was 6 months pregnant and don’t remember anything of her past life and has forgotten everything. Veera asks how did you come to know about this?

Minal says they got a call that Sejal was there in Nanda Mansion, and is alive. That guy sends Sejal’s pic. Minal tells Saras that they shall leave for Delhi. Fb ends. Sejal looks at them strangely. Minal says I am your Maa. Saras says I am your Papa. Sejal coughs. Yohan asks do you want to drink water. Just then she spits blood and faints, shocking everyone. Minal asks everyone to stay away from her daughter.

Saras says don’t say anything, we shall take her from hospital. Yohan lifts Sejal and takes her from there. Veera looks at Ahana and thinks she has attacked Sejal’s baby though I refused for it. Ahana gets happy.

Yohan, Minal and Saras bring Sejal to the hospital. Doctor says it can be serious condition and asks him to fill the form. Yohan goes to fill the form. Minal prays for Sejal’s life. Veera asks Ahana to take her stuff and leave. Ahana asks what did I do? Veera says you have tried to ruin my plan, and thought yourself smarter than Sir ji,

and you have attacked Sejal’s baby. Shalini says yes, I do so that I make her lose. Veera says if anything happens to Sejal then Yohan and Sejal will get more closer. She says you couldn’t understand Yohan and couldn’t get rid of Arbaaz. She says she will rectify her mistake and asks her to leave else she will kill her.

Ahana shouts enough and says before my death, I will tell your secrets in the house, that your own son Krish will not give fire to your dead body. She reminds her that she is Yohan’s mother’s murderer and you have attempted to kill Sejal. She says you are a terrorist, shall I tell this. She asks her to keep back the bag from where she has picked it. She teases her asking her to bless her and goes.

Yohan looks at Sejal from the window pane and recalls their moments, crying. He asks Nurse about his wife’s condition. Nurse says she is very serious. Minal says you are death in husband’s disguise, and says whenever she comes near you, she comes near death. Saras says a stranger called us, but you didn’t call us.

He says even you have lost your mother, then why you want to keep a girl away from her parents. Minal says if she was with us, she and her child wouldn’t have fought with death today. Arun says we knew that you will not believe us and will demand to take her back home. He says he cares for Sejal and says she is carrying his heir. He says they didn’t tell her about her past.

Minal says she can’t bear that her inlaws declared her as terrorist. Arun says even we have so much to say, and tells that he just wants Sejal and his baby to be fine. Yohan thinks if we can’t unite Sejal. He says today you and our baby are fighting with death. He says you have to fight for our love and baby. Just then the machine beeps.

Doctor says her oxygen level is dropping and says if her oxygen drops more then it is risky for her baby. He makes her wear oxygen mask. Yohan, Arun, Minal and Saras come inside the ward. Doctor says we are trying, and says it depends on her will power now. Arun asks doctor to save the baby. Yohan says mother and baby both will be safe, but first mother. Minal and Saras looks on.


Spy Bahu 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Doctor informs Yohan that Sejal was given tablets which ruined her health. Yohan gathers everyone in house, a servant finds the medicine and gives it to Yohan and tells him it was found in Mahira’s room. Shalini says Mahira has given medicine to Sejal. Yohan removes Mahira out of the house


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