Spy Bahu 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Spy Bahu 6th September 2022 Episode starts with the doctor telling Yohan, Arun, Saras and Minal that they have tried their level best, oxygen level is dropping, she has 24 hours for recovery, everything is in God’s hands.

They pray for Sejal’s live. Minal cries and prays to Bappa. She recalls Sejal’s words that whenever she is hungry, she says Mummy. Saras recalls his moments with Sejal. Yohan recalls his moments with her, and her words. Doctor is still treating her and tells that the heart beat is dropping, we have to do blood transfusion. He says it will be impossible to save the baby.

Minal tells Bappa that she was sure that Sejal is alive and asks him to keep her safe. Nurse asks yohan to come. Arun asks Doctor what happened to baby. Doctor tells that both Mother and baby are safe, due to timely treatment. Arun says thank god. Minal says God saved her. Doctor says two of you can go and meet her.

Yohan asks Minal to come with him. Minal and Yohan come inside and meet Sejal. Sejal calls Yohan. Yohan makes her wear specs. She asks what I am doing here in hospital and asks about her baby. Yohan says you both are safe. He makes her sit on the bed and asks her to rest. Minal asks when we can take her home. Doctor says if recovery is good then you can take her home tomorrow.

He asks Yohan to come for important talk. Yohan tells Sejal that he will come. Doctor tells Yohan that the recovery done by Sejal is less in such cases, and says her condition was like that, who end up on miscarriage. Yohan says it is good that Sejal and baby are fine. He asks why are you worried?

Doctor says Sejal’s health didn’t deteriorated by itself, and says she was given the medicine with which baby will be in danger, and we found its traces in the blood report. Yohan is shocked and recalls making Sejal having the laddoo. Doctor asks if Sejal took these medicines. Yohan says no, Sejal is very attached with her baby. Doctor asks if someone else has done this.

Yohan says why someone will do this. Doctor tells him that Sejal’s pregnancy is sensitive, and says even a small mistake can risk their lives in danger. Minal hears doctor and says first they conspired to send her to jail and now tried to kill her baby. Yohan says I will find out who has done this. Minal says she will take her home tomorrow.

Yohan brings Sejal to his house. Veera tells that she has done a jaap for her safety. Minal thinks this woman is so cunning and feigning to pray for her. Arun asks Sejal to take care. Ahana says she will take care of her and will not let her have any problem. Shalini looks on. She says she will take her to room.

Yohan says not needed, I am there to take care of herself. Yohan and Arun take her from there. Minal tells Veera and Ahana, that Sejal doesn’t know their crimes, but she does. She warns them to stay away from Sejal, else see what she will do. Yohan makes Sejal drink water. He says you have shown a lot of courage, if I was on your place then would have lost my courage. He thanks her from him and on their baby’s behalf. He asks her not to cry and asks her to rest.

Sejal calls him hichki ke pappa and says don’t know how did this happen. I promise that I will take more care of myself. Yohan asks her not to cry and not to blame herself. He asks her to rest and thinks I will find out about the person who tried to kill you and our baby.

He goes out and calls the Servants and everyone. Veera asks what happened. Arun also asks him. Yohan says my wife and baby are not safe in their own house, and tells that Sejal’s health didn’t deteriorated on own, but someone had mixed some medicine to harm the baby. Veera asks who can do this?

Yohan says we have to find out and asks Servant to search everywhere in the house, if they find any paper or wrapper, which is new. Arun says I will not leave that person. Yohan asks Ahana if there is something which she shall tell him. Ahana says no. Shalini says she will never tell you the truth, and says I will tell you. She says she (Ahana) had given that medicine to Sejal and shows the proofs (medicine wrapper). Yohan checks and looks doubtfully at Ahana.

He asks Shalini from where she got it. Shalini says when she had gone to kitchen to get the sweets, she found her standing there silently. She says when I asked her, she made excuses. Ahana asks what are you saying? Shalini says I didn’t understand then, but when you rushed Sejal to hospital, I went to kitchen and searched here and there and found this wrapper in dustbin.

She says she had mixed this medicine in laddoo and that’s why she was excited during godh bharayi rituals. Ahana says you are accusing me wrongly. Yohan asks why didn’t you tell me before. Shalini says you was worried in hospital and that’s why I didn’t tell. Veera says I was at home, why didn’t you tell me? Shalini says I wanted to tell Yohan, as she could easily fool us. Ahana says did you see this packet in my hand and says may be you had added this in laddoo and blaming me.

Shalini says everyone knows that I am not cheap like you, and says Sejal is better than you. Ahana tries to emotionally blackmail Yohan and says why will I do this? Yohan says may be as our engagement broke after Sejal’s return. Servant brings the medicine bill and says it has same medicine name written on it. Yohan asks from where you got it? Servant says from Mahira’s room.

Yohan says you wanted proofs. Ahana says someone is trying to trap me? Yohan pushes her and she falls on Veera. Veera slaps her hard and says you didn’t think once before doing this, didn’t your soul shake up, this house has given you shelter and you tried to ruin our happiness. Arun asks Yohan to throw her out of the house. Yohan says our friendship and childhood love is over now. He says before I lost control, leave from my home. She says Cuckoo…He holds her hand to take her outside. Veera thinks this is this end for not listening to me, good bye Ahana.

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