Spy Bahu 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Spy Bahu 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Spy Bahu 7th July 2022 Episode starts with Sejal telling Abhi that last time she was surprised and this time it is your turn. She says I know you was hearing me talking to the fake call. He says he is proud of her intelligence.

Sejal says I came to support you and brought such a gift for you, which only your Mahijaan can give you and nobody else. She gives him, their Ammi’s pic and says in this pic, she was pregnant with you and was nurturing you in her womb, like Drishti is nurturing her child.

She says Drishti went for her first sonography and is going to see her baby. She says I know you are concerned for your baby, and says you said that you can’t let me get even a scratch as I am your blood. She asks if you can’t change for his own blood, his own baby.

She says I believe in God and that’s why saying, and says he sent this little life to make you change. She asks him to surrender for his baby. He asks how did you think that I will betray my mission. Sejal asks him to decide between his mission or baby. He asks how will I support my baby, by getting hanged.

Sejal says your punishment can get less if you tell about your partners of crime, and stop further attacks. She says she will not let him get much punishment, and he might get release soon.

He says nothing can stop him from his mission. Sejal asks him to kill her with his hand. She says you have same Farid in you who loved his family a lot, who got lost. She says I will bring out your goodness from you. She shows her earring and says all our conversation is recorded in this camera.

He shows bomb on his jacket and asks her to delete the recording and go from there. She says so that you can take many lives with this bomb. She says either you will surrender or we both will die today. He says I am saying for the last time.

Drishti and Yohan are going home after the sonography. He says I will name your baby. Drishti says I will name your and Sejal’s baby. He says he wants to start family with Sejal, but is afraid that she might leave him. Drishti says I don’t think so.

Abhi is about to press the bomb, but sits down and shouts. He says I can’t do his, I am not ashamed of my mission, but is proud of it. He says he can’t kill his Mahijaan with his hand, and says you are Ammi and Abbu’s child, if anything happens to you, then how I will show my face to Ammi and Abbu.

Sejal asks him to surrender, if he wants to see his baby growing up and his Mahijaan safe. He says I will surrender and says give me 12 hours. He says I will get much happiness in these 12 hours, will give much love to Drishti and have to get blessings for my baby. Sejal says Mahira is giving you 12 hours, but not Sejal, my eyes will be on you. She says you can’t go out of Nanda Mansion in these 12 hours.

Yohan gets angry on the guards and asks where did Sejal do? He calls her. Shalini says she is missing her. Yohan goes to CCTV room and checks it. He couldn’t see Sejal going. Shalini says today is inauspicious day and asks if someone buried her in the wall. Yohan panics and calls Commissioner.

Abhi and Sejal return home in the car. Abhi thanks her for giving him time. He says if we both go together then will be questioned. Sejal gets down the car and goes inside. Drishti asks Yohan not to worry and says nothing will happen to Sejal. Yohan says if anything happens to Sejal then I can’t bear, she is very important for me and I don’t have courage to lose my dear ones again. Drishti sees Sejal and asks where was you? Yohan walks to her and hugs her. Sejal is surprised. Yohan gets emotional and gets teary eyes. Sejal looks on. Kehdo song plays…..

Yohan asks Sejal why her phone was not working, why you didn’t tell anyone before going and asks where did you go? Kehdo naa plays…..He walks towards the door. Sejal recalls Yohan’s words and cries. Yohan also thinks about her. Drishti asks Yohan if he is fine. He says I was checking the walls taking the rod in my hand, I don’t know if I am fine or not. He says I had thought not to express my feelings to her,

but after today’s incident, I have decided to tell her all my feelings. Sejal thinks of Yohan. Yohan says he has to take risk, he has decided to spend his life with her, and seeing his future with her. Sejal thinks of Minal’s words. Yohan says I hope that my future will be better than my past, and says today she will know how much I love her. He says I will plan such a surprise for her, that she will remember all life.

He says she will see my love expression and says today I will marry her again. He says last time our marriage was incomplete, but today I will express my feelings to her on the mandap and will handover myself to her. He says today we will marry in real means. Sejal thinks even she loves him and will tell him truth after 12 hours.


Spy Bahu 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Drishti tells Sejal that Yohan has planned surprise for her. Sejal asks Surprise. She is going in the car and sees Farid bhai going out. He calls sir ji and says he has to go out of Delhi. He says why Sir ji switched off his phone. Sejal comes there and says because you get betrayal inexchange of betrayal.


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