Spy Bahu 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Spy Bahu 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Spy Bahu 8th September 2022 Episode starts with Minal asking Sejal if she remembers whatever Baa says. Yohan comes there and says it is time to sleep. Minal says I will sleep here and will not let my daughter alone

. Yohan says ok, I will sleep on the sofa. He says even I will not leave Sejal alone. Minal says if you have taken care of her then my daughter wouldn’t have fought with death. Sejal tells that hichki wants to eat egg today.

She says she didn’t have it in babu ji’s house, and asks did I use to eat it? Yohan says yes. He says he will make egg. Minal says she will make khakra for her and goes with Yohan. Sejal calls Harsh. Harsh asks how is she? She says I am fine, and says Mummy and yohan take care of me very well.

Harsh says babu ji will be fine. Sejal says we have to take our plan to next level and tells that they have to search Aarti Maa’s skeleton. He asks if she has idea where it is? Sejal tells that it was last there in the night school. Harsh says we will search it. Arbaaz calls Ahana. Ahana says I said that I will talk later.

He says you was showering love on me, when you wanted me to get medicine for Sejal. She asks him to end the call. He says I want 10 lakhs Rs. He says I am hiding all your secrets from Yohan, and asks why is she shocked. She says how will I arrange 10 lakhs rs. He asks her to talk in this tone always and says he don’t care from where she brings the money.

Yohan and Minal come to the kitchen to make egg. Minal keeps her pallu on her nose while yohan makes egg dish. Minal makes khakra.

Ahana comes to Veera and Arun’s room. She looks for locker keys and gets Veera’s purse. Veera wakes up and sits on the bed. Sejal looks at Yohan and Minal. She says yohan loves me a lot and loves our baby so much.

She says once the misunderstandings gets cleared, everything will be sorted. Ahana thinks if Sir ji sees me here, then it will be a problem. She gets the keys and goes to open the locker. She thinks she will throw money on Arbaaz’s mouth. She takes out the money from the locker.

Yohan brings the food and makes Sejal eat. Sejal says it is really good. Minal looks at them from outside. Sejal vomits. He takes the vomit in his hand and asks Sejal to rest. He says hichki and you both need rest.

Arun talks to an astrologer and says we heard a lot about you and that’s why we called you. He says our grand son was saved from a big danger. Minal argues with him that if he got the order that he will have just grand son.

Yohan and Sejal come there. Arun says make your mother in law understand not to argue with me. The astrologer tells Arun that he can see that the baby is baby boy. Minal asks him to go and insults him.

Yohan asks if you want me to insult you more. Minal tells that she has called her trusted baba from her place. Tana ji comes there indisguise of a baba. Tana ji recalls Harsh asking her to go there and sets up the camera,

as Sejal couldn’t do due to her pregnancy. Arun asks yohan if he will not say anything. Yohan says you have tried, and now let her try. Tana ji says there is a negativity in the house and says they shall do shuddhikaran of the house. Minal recalls Sejal’s plan, a fb is shown

Sejal tells that she has to help her when Tana ji comes to fix the camera. Ahana is going out. Tana ji says until puja is done, nobody can go out. Tana ji says they have to sprinkle bhabooti in every room. Veera says she will do. Arun says ofcourse, how to let any stranger come to our rooms.

Minal says you have let Mahira enter house, and asks if you will not let Guru ji enter the house for the baby’s safety. He goes to the rooms and fixes the cameras. Yohan tells Sejal that something is wrong, he will go and check him.


Spy Bahu 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahana tells Veera that Sejal is tightening the rope in their neck with clever moves. Veera says she is also acting, today I saw the spark in her eyes, which I used to see in old Sejal. She says whatever Yohan says, I am sure that Sejal haven’t forgotten anything and came to take revenge. Sejal talks to Harsh and says I need that thing which will become my weapon. Yohan hears and what weapon?


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