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Story 9 Months Ki 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Story 9 Months Ki 23rd April 2021 Episode starts with the boys asking from where did this pataka/phooljaadi came here. Sanyuri says when I walk in Mathura lanes, people say one is Jhansi ki rani and one is me. She asks Agastya not to get scared. Agastya cries. Sanyuri recalls her brother Vihaan and asks the boys to leave Agastya. The boy says I am scared and laughs. Sanyuri says you have to be scared, as your respect will be ruined if get beaten by a small girl. The boys ask are you threatening us. Sanyuri says yes and asks Agastya to go out, as his heart is weak and can’t see the fighting. She closes the door after Agastya goes out.

Kavya comes to Sarangdhar and asks if she shall help. Sarangdhar says no. He adds more sugar as Choti likes sweets. He keeps it in the oven and sits. He coughs sensing the smoke and finds the cake burnt. Kavya says I wanted to help you, but you insisted to make cake yourself. Sarangdhar says it is my daughter’s birthday and I want to make cake for her myself. Agastya thinks boys are beating Sanyuri and prays to God to save Sanyuri. Sanyuri comes out and cleans her hands. She asks Agastya to come. Agastya is surprised to see that Sanyuri had beaten the boys and thanks her. Alia tells Sarangdhar that he gets full marks for atleast trying to make the cake. She tells that she will make cake for his daughter too and asks him to send his address. He says really. He messages that he is excited to meet her in 36 hours. Agastya gives his milk shake to Sanyuri and tells that he thought she will not save him, but she saved him from bad boys. Sanyuri says even she used to save her brother Vihaan in Mathura. She tells that she don’t like weak boys and helped him else she would have felt herself weak, which she is not. Agastya asks if I am like your brother. Sarangdhar receives Nandini’s call on Kamleshwari’s phone and asks her why did Ms. Sharma called her. Agastya asks Sanyuri to tell. Sanyuri says she will not make him her brother, but she needs a friend. Agastya asks if she will have lunch with him and play with him. Sanyuri says not infront of others. Agastya says then I will not become your friend.

Kamleshwari tries to tell Sarangdhar that he might not know the full truth. Sarangdhar says he don’t want to know and asks her not to have any contact with Nandini or anyone in the family. Sanyuri tells that she will have lunch with him, but will not share her Papa with him. He says he will also not share his Mamma with her. Sanyuri says she has the best Papa in the world. They shake hands. Sarangdhar asks Kamleshwari to promise that she will not have any contacts with them. Kamleshwari promises her. Sanyuri asks Agastya to come. They leave from the classroom.

Nandini calls Gautam. Gautam says I know that tomorrow is Aggu’s birthday. Nandini tells that she got Kamleshwari’s call, but when she had called her, she disconnected the call. Gautam asks her not to contact her. She asks him to take care of Alia and Aggu, if anything happens to her. Gautam says he will take care of them along with her and asks her to get her treatment done and come back. He compliments her looks.

Sam comes to Param. Param says new Management can’t help him in paying his bills etc. Faheem comes there. Param gets shocked to see him. Mala tells that if Alia opens her new company then nobody will have any problem. Rahul hopes she has managed the calls secretly. Mala assures him. Rahul tells Mala and Rosy that Alia had done so much for their employees and gave a year bonus to an employee when she was fired off her job. Param asks Faheem what is he doing here. Faheem asks him to listen.

Sarangdhar gets upset and thinks of Alia’s words. He recalls asking her why did she call Mr. Mehta. She asks if his ego is hurt? Sarangdhar says self esteem. Alia asks if he wants to marry her? Sarangdhar says don’t know and turns. He thinks of Alia’s voice message in which she had attached his fans video message. He moves the mail from the trash. Faheem tells Param that he needs money for his father’s dialysis and tells that whatever had done was due to Sarangdhar, and he didn’t get reference letter from boss after being kicked out, and that’s why he didn’t get any proper job. Param asks why are you telling me now. Faheem asks can I talk to Alia? Param says yes, you can, but she is not DDS owner now. Faheem asks why? Param says Alia had sold the maximum shares 6 years back. Mala and Rosy think to talk to Alia, and says she will become The Alia Shroff alone. Param tells Faheem that the new investor took over all the company. He asks Faheem to go. Faheem asks him to apologize to Alia on his behalf and says if not job, then atleast I will get forgiveness. Param says ok, and asks him to go.

Sarangdhar watches the school kids’ interview that Papa toofan is their favorite. He then sees Sanyuri with Alia and says Alia in Choti’s school.

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