Subharambh 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Subharambh 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Subharambh 14th January 2020 Episode Start With Raja tells Rani that he is always with her so she doesn’t have to worry. They lovingly look at each other. Asha calls them to move away. Rani packs Raja’s clothes and says they look old. Raja says I have memories with them, this is my father’s sweater so I keep it close to me. Rani smiles at him.

Asha calls Utsav and says I need that money. He says give me two hours only. She says okay.

Rani packs knitting items. Raja comes there so she tries to hide the items. She takes his measurements without telling him. Raja catches her and pulls her closer. Shubharam plays. Raja says what were you doing?

Rani says I wanted to make a sweater for you. I used to make sweaters and earn but now I want to make sweaters for people that I care about. Raja says okay, I like full sleeves sweater. Rani comes closer and takes his measurements. Dekha hazaron dafa plays. Raja tries to kiss her hand but she blushes and runs away. Rani starts knitting the sweater for him. Raja helps her in choosing the color.Raja brings tea for Rani and makes her drink from his hand. Asha comes there and glares at them. She says Rani your brother has come.

Utsav gives the things to Rani that Virinda made for her. He gives her some money and says mom gave it. He starts leaving and strikes with Jharna. Kirtida gives him a gift. Utsav comes out of the house and turns off the electricity of the house. He silently enters the house again and comes to Hiten’s room. He looks around and finds the safe. He opens it with a duplicate key and takes out all the money and jewelry. Rani sees the light coming from inside and goes there but Utsav hides. Jharna takes her from there. Utsav steals more and sees the light coming back.

He hides under the bed. Kirtida enters the house and sees everything gone from the safe. Jharna comes and smirks at her. The flashback shows how Jharna followed and got to know that Utsav planned to steal from their house, she told Kirtida and Kirtida said that we will help in stealing so that we can catch him and insult him and Rani. The flashback ends. Kirtida whispers Jharna to start acting. She leaves from there. Utsav hides and starts leaving. They all go to eat. Utsav runs from there with the money. Kirtida smirks.


Subharambh 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Kirtida tells the family that money is gone from the safe. They find Utsav’s card there. Mehul brings Utsav and shouts at him. Utsav accepts that he stole from their house. Rani is shocked and hurt.


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