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Subharambh 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Subharambh 14th October 2020 Episode starts with Rani crying and telling Raja that she is feeling like she is tied with chains seeing his condition. She cries hugging him and says she can’t bear. She sits holding his hand and ties a holy thread on his hands, thinks it will bind us together always. Sajni song plays……..She says this mauli will protect you Raja and will make you feel my presence. She kisses on his forehead and walks out. Utsav is standing outside. Rani comes out and tells him that she can’t see Raja’s condition. Utsav asks her not to cry and just believe on her Shrinath ji. Rani tells that she has tied mauli on Raja and her hands, so that he feels that she is with him and viceversa. Utsav asks her not to take tension and says nothing wrong will happen with him. Mihir hears them and goes out and talk, this is ICU. Rani says I will not leave Raja. Mihir says Raja is my patient and says if I don’t want then even your God can’t save him. He asks if she doubts him and his team. Rani says no Dr. Mihir, please let me stay here. He says this is not Ashram, but hospital and it will be better for the patient that nobody stays here. He says it is an order and asks her to out. Utsav says are you talking? Mihir looks at him. Utsav says sorry. Mihir says that was past and you shall call me Dr. Mihir. Usav says we will leave and asks Rani to think that she is with him. Rani goes from there. Mihir thinks no thread can separate me from you and goes inside the ICU.

He says you are the wall between Rani and me, whom I will make it fall. He takes out the ventilator mask and Raja struggles to breathe. Mihir makes him wear mask again and thinks your breathe is so cheap. He says you are in Rani’s love, blessings and etc and I am nowhere. He thinks this time our love story will be a hit. He holds his hand to break the thread and takes it out. Rani falls and the thread tears stuck in the chair. He says I will break all the thread which connects you to Rani. Rani senses that the connection between them broke and prays to Shrinath ji for Raja’s safety. Mihir says your love might be very strong, but I will break it like this thread.

Rani thinks of her moments with Raja and gets emotional. Meri Dhadkan ek kam ho…She comes home recalling their moments and cries hugging the pillow. Asha comes there and asks her to have something. She says today is a tiring day and asks her to have something to take care of Raja. Rani nods her head. Asha makes her have food. Rani says you have done right with Mota Papa and Moti Mummy. Asha says I did what you would have done. Rani asks her to have food. Asha says I will not eat food until Raja gets fine. Rani says you will get unwell this way. Asha says Shrinath ji is taking my test and I will pass, let me fulfill this mannat for my Raja. She asks her to have food and says I will go to temple and come. She goes. Rani thinks a mother shall not lose.

Mihir keeps eye on Rani through the binoculars. Rani takes out Raja’s clothes from the rope. Mihir sees Asha going out. Rani thinks even now your smell comes from these clothes, Raja. Mihir looks on. Rani goes inside and gets emotional seeing Raja’s jacket and hugs it.

She then wears it like hugging him and cries. She feels Raja hugging her and asking if she is thinking about him. She imagines Raja and gets happy. She asks him not to come in her dream and increase her fear. Raja says I came to inform you that I will return soon and says when I return then you shall welcome me with your smiling face. They dance. Shubharambh plays……They smile. She imagines decorating the room with their trophy and cheque. They smile looking at Shoe-BH-Arambh board.

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