Subharambh 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update


Subharambh 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Subharambh 19th August 2020 Rani follows Gunwant and picks the bag. Rani says thank God he didn’t see the smaller bag. Rani thanks Mangal and says thank you for helping me. I hope your eyes aren’t burning. She saw the color and called him. Mangal came. Rani said I left my important bag inside. Can you get me that? He said yes, you are Raja are like family to him. I am working here as because I am helpless. Rani said I will throw color, you act like your eyes hurt. I will go inside and pick the bag. Rani says thank you for helping me. He says I will pray for you.

Gunwant washes his face and says Rani you thought I am such a loser? He saw her dupatta. Gunwant said what is this Rani doing here? He understood she came here to get the bag. Gunwant left the bag there deliberately. Gunwant says now you will see how one mistake will make you lose.

Scene 2
Rani tells Raja how she got the bag. He says you wasted an entire day in getting the bag and I had to sell the shoes all day. He recalls what a customer said that is thief. Rani says no shole sold?

Raja says how did they convince Mukesh? Rani says it isn’t easy to sell new things. We only have 6 days. Sorry I couldn’t make a sale today. Raja says sorry won’t work. Do 20 ups and downs. Rani says are you crazy? He says come on. Rani says I won’t forget. Start counting. She does it. Raja says you look so cute. He makes her video and says Rani is doing ups and downs for her husband and sat her brain aside.

Gunwant says how will I know what are they planning? Kirtida says don’t think too much. I will ask Aasha. Gunwant says she isn’t easy to fool now. Kirtida says let’s keep a camera in Raja and Rani’s room. He says stay silent so I can think at least. She says ask Mukhesh. He says that’s a good idea. Raja keeps counting. Rani tries to take his phone to delete the video. Raja puts it up in the air. Rani jumps to catch it but she can’t. Rani snatches the phone. Raja says what are you doing? Rani says I look so weird. raja says you look cute. Rani says video.. Raja says video? Rani says shoes video? Let’s make small videos of these shoes. We will be able to sell them easier.

Scene 3
Mukesh says to Gunwant you weren’t gonna buy my shoes. Rani and Raja showed me. My shoes could be rotten in the shed. Gunwant says it takes time to make space in the shape. It’s different from our business. He says business works on benefit. I saw the benefits with them so I went with them. He asks what deal did you make? Mukesh says if they can’t sell shoes in 7 days, they will return the shoes with 50K. Two-sided benefit.

Rani says let’s make videos. It’s the internet time. Why are we selling from house to house. Gunwant says Raja I will make you pay 50K. Raja says no matter what happens, we will sell these and make our name in the market.

Raja and Rani make the videos together. They wear them and Aasha shoots the videos. Raja and Rani run wearing shoes. Aasha also walks in the shoes. Raja picks Rani on his back. Aasha says I shot right? Rani says you did such good shoots and you look so good as well.

Scene 4
Raja and Rani edit the videos. Rani says let’s see how it looks. Rani shows him references. Raja says do you need tea? Rani yawns and says I will make it. Raja says I will make it. You do it, I will bring tea for us. Raja brings her tea and they both work together. Rani says it’s done. Raja says finally all videos are ready. Rani says let’s see all the videos. They are shot very well and edited as an ad. Rani’s voice says for everyone in the family. Raja says strong sole. Rani says you high fly. Raja says walk with us. Rani says let’s upload it. Rani says God, we have left it all on you and we did everything. Rani says you press enter. He says we will do it together. They enter it together.

Raja is tired. He looks at Rani and holds her hand. Rani says we can do anything. They both say this business is the beginning of our companionship.

Scene 5
In the morning Rani, says we have a an order. I am so excited. We have 3 orders together. How is that possible. Raja says wow. Rani says we have to deliver fast.


Subharambh 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Raja is in the police station. Rani looks for Raja. She comes home and asks Aasha if Raja came home? Aasha says no. Rani says I am tensed.


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