Subharambh 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update


Subharambh 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Subharambh 23rd October 2020 Episode starts with Hitank telling that A negative blood is not arranged. Asha says Rani has gone to arrange the blood. Hitank says even Rani couldn’t arrange the blood till now. Mihir comes out and says I hope you have arranged blood, we have to give it to Raja to make his vitals fine, else the operation will be late. Hitank says we tried our best, but couldn’t arrange blood. Mihir thinks Raja and Rani will separate today on Karwachauth day. Just then they all turn and see Rani coming there riding on cycle. Watchman tells her that cycle is not allowed inside. Rani gets down the cycle. Mihir asks what is this indiscipline? Rani says I didn’t find any other way out to reach here immediately. She takes out the blood boxes and gives to Mihir, says you can start the blood. Mihir gets shocked and says that is the good news. He says I will send the nurse to do blood transfusion and goes. Asha praises Rani and says I knew that you will never accept defeat. Hitank says we have checked in all blood banks, then where did you get the blood? Rani tells that she got the blood in very small blood bank, when a salesman helped her and told her about this blood bank. They all thank Shri nath ji. Rani looks at Raja and cries. She says Raja…nothing will happen to you, you will be fine very soon and Shrinath ji will show his magic soon. She says nothing will happen.

Mihir gets angry on the doctor. The doctor tells that he had brought blood from all the banks and says don’t know how this bank left. Mihir says you haven’t seen my limit Rani, I will cross all limits to make you mine. He gets teary eyes. Asha tells Rani that Raja is lucky and says I am sure that you will bring out your husband’s life from the yamraj. Mihir says he is yamraj and he will snatch Raja’s life. He tells the doctor that the blood shall not reach Raja. The doctor goes out and asks Rani to stand outside ICU, holding the blood and says just as we get ready for the transfusion, we will take the blood. Hitank says I will come with you. Doctor says only one can stay there. Rani goes there and waits, thinks she is waiting since long, they are making her wait in emergency. Mihir looks at her through the door pane. Rani sits on the chair, keeping the boxes on her lap. The ward boy comes there pretending to be carrying dead body on the stretcher and throws some papers on the way. He then pretends to pick it and asks Rani to pick them, says he can’t leave the dead body unattended. Rani keeps the boxes on the chair and sits to pick the papers. The man on the stretcher replaces the blood boxes with other boxes. The ward boy diverts Rani and asks if she is Rani Reshammiya. She says yes. He says Dr. Mihir will call you. Rani asks him to wait and tells that the cloth was stuck. She sees the man’s face who is pretending to be dead. The ward boy covers his face.

The family members thinks why they are delaying the transfusion. Mihir comes to Rani and takes the blood boxes. He says he didn’t hear the blood bank name and checks the packet. He asks do you think that this is blood and drinks it. Rani asks what are you doing? Mihir says what you have brought as blood is actually pomegranate juice. He says I think you are not interested to save Raja’s life. He says I trusted you to save my patient, but you…He goes.

Rani thinks how can I do such a big mistake and thinks how Raja’s operation will happen. She goes from there and sees the ward boy carrying the boxes, who was lying on the stretcher as dead man. She identifies and gets shocked. She thinks he has the same type of boxes and realizes that the blood was replaced by juice boxes. She thinks what is happening in this hospital, thinks Raja’s life is in danger.

Mihir pulls the small curtain covering the door pane and asks Raja what is in him, that I don’t have. He asks why Rani thinks about you all the time. He asks who are you and what is your status, I am very successful than you and your life is in my hands, then why Rani thinks about you..raja raja raja. He says now she will not think about you. He says Rani will not take your name and stabs scissor on the pillow. He says I want to kill you now itself, but I will not do this and will get Rani infront of your eyes. He says your reverse countdown starts now. Rani follows the ward boy. Mihir looks at her and thinks why is she following my man.


Subharambh 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani gets up and is about to go, when Raja gains consciousness. Rani says your Rani is with you. Raja and Rani are celebrating karwachauth. Mihir plans blast to separate them.


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