Subharambh 2nd January 2020 Written Episode Update


Subharambh 2nd January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Subharambh 2nd January 2020 Episode Start With Dadi sees the bracelet becoming black and says this is fake. Kirdada says where is the real bracelet? Did you people take it and hide it? Popat says what if you people didn’t send the real bracelet? Mehul says that bracelet was of 5 lacs so you people must have stolen it. We are rich so why would we send the fake one? Hiten says no one will say anything to them till it’s proven. Virinda says you can call the police and investigate. Hitank says we have to know the truth. Both families start fighting.

Rani cries and starts leaving. Raja stops her and where are you going? Rani says if there is no trust in a relationship then it’s useless, we might not be rich but we have self-respect, let’s leave this relationship here. Raja is shocked. Jharna thinks that Kirdada is smart. Rani glares at Raja and leaves. He sadly looks on and tries to stop her, he says we can sit and talk. Rani says we are all humans so we should respect each other but we are different because we are not rich, this relationship can’t happen. She tries to leave with her family but Asha stops her and says I am at fault, not you. I sent the fake bracelet to you, all are shocked. Kirdada thinks why she is lying?

Asha says I did a mistake but please don’t break this relationship. Virinda asks her why she did it? Hiten asks Asha to answer. Asha says I don’t trust your society and they might have stolen it so I thought to send the fake bracelet and when Rani would come in this house then I would give it to her, I did it with good intentions. Virinda says thank God at least the truth came out. Raja says sorry to them and says let’s continue the function. Virinda takes Rani inside. Hiten asks Kirdada to calm down. Kirdada asks Asha where is our real bracelet. All look on. Dadi asks Asha to bring it. Asha shows the real bracelet. Kirdada thinks it was in my cupboard. Asha says here it is.

Hiten takes it and gives it to Raja. He makes Rani wear it. Asha recalls how she had a doubt on Kirdada and went to search for her room. She went to mandir to pray and found the bracelet there as someone mistakenly left it there. The flashback ends. Raja asks Rani to give her hand, she says no. He says please. Virinda asks Rani to end this matter. Rani sadly looks at Raja and gives her hand. He changes the bracelet and says I am sorry. Virinda says it’s okay. Rani says I won’t take this home as it’s expensive, she gives it back to Raja and leaves.

Raja tells Asha that she should have told him before doing something like that.

Rani is sad. Virinda tells Rani that what happened was wrong but you shouldn’t have left from there, they accepted their mistake. Rani says so much happened even before the wedding, they proved that we are different. Virinda says these things happen before the wedding, Raja said sorry, he is a very good-hearted man so think about him only.


Subharambh 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Raja tells Rani that we are different but I promise to never leave your hand. Rani lovingly looks at him. Kirdada sees them and thinks their dreams are going to break.


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