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Subharambh 2nd October 2020 All are in the hospital and worried for Kesha. Utsav can’t stop crying, his father says don’t feel bad, you are not a bad husband and a father, you are doing everything in your power, she will be fine soon. A nurse comes there and asks how is Kesha? Kritida gets tensed and acts crying. The nurse says Kesha is feeling better now. Kritida says what? She calls the doctor and said you will tell us after the report comes. The doctor says we will need blood for her, her group matches with Raja so he will have to stay here. Raja sighs and says yes. Kritida pleads him to stay for her Kesha, he says yes. Vrinda tells her husband that they have a competition starting in an hour, they will have to stay apart if they lose today. Asha tells Raja and Rani that Kesha is feeling better, you both should go for the competition, it’s about your relationship as well. We all are here for Kesha. Raja and Rani are tensed. Hitank tells Raja to not worry, they will handle everything. Utsav says yes you both go, we all are here to take care of her. Raja and Rani turn to Ganpati and recalls their promise. Rani holds his hand and nods. He nods and says no, we will not leave Kesha alone. Our family is more important than this competition. Kritida smirks and nudges Gunvant. Asha notices it and thinks there is something fishy.
Asha sees the competition starting and sees Kritida going for prayer, she asks Gunvant to come as well. She thinks I will separate them for 3 years today. She says Raja and Rani what you have done today will never be forgotten, thanks. She leaves. The nurse asks Raja to fill the form. She thinks I have seen him somewhere. Asha tells Rani that there is something fishy with Kritida, she can never change, I know her well, she will try everything to stop you from winning the competition. Raja asks everyone to go and have breakfast. Asha says I will stay here. They all leave.
Kritida tells Gunvant that nobody can stop from separating now. Gunvant says you have played well, I am proud to call you my wife. Kritida says it’s time to fulfill your promise. Gunvant says you can slap me now but I know you won’t. Kritida angrily slaps him. He is stunned. Asha hides and sees it. Gunvant says it’s fine. Kritida says now you know my name, Raja and Rani’s dreams will end today, Raja will be our servant and Rani will go back to her house. Asha thinks it was their plan.

Scene 2
Kesha is sitting on the bed and sees the competition starting and smirks. She sees TV cable sparking and tries to pull it from the board. The nurse is trying to open her door but it’s jammed so Raja tries to help her. He opens the door to see Kesha pulling on a cable and machines about to fall on her but he pushes her bed away and all machines fall on him. Kesha is stunned.

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