Subharambh 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Subharambh 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Subharambh 30th December 2019 Episode Start With Kirdada tells Hiten that Rani will give 50 lacs to Asha as they have got a lottery so we can’t let her marry to Raja. We have to stop this wedding.

Rani’s brother gets Hiten’s call. Hiten asks Virinda to come to his house now, she says okay. Virinda tells Rani that I will go and talk to him, she leaves.

Virinda comes to Hiten’s house. Hiten says pleas stop wedding functions. Asha is shocked and says what?

Rani’s brother is worried that Virinda hasn’t returned. She comes back. He asks what happened? Virinda says they want to have combined wedding functions. Rani smiles and gets happy.

Raja and Rani’s mehndi ceremony starts. They both look at each other and smile. Hiten greets everyone and asks Kirdada if everything is going per the plan? She says yes. Jharna tells her mother that Kirdada must be planning something.
Raja gives a rose to a kid and sends it to Rani. Rani smiles and sees the rose fallen. They both run to get it and hits their heads. Tera fitoor plays as Raja gives the rose to Rani.

Asha comes to Rani’s brother and says don’t forget about my money. Asha comes to Rani and blesses her. A dog enters the house with the priest. The priest says there is an evil power in the house, your sons don’t have a good kundli so your daughter in laws are in danger. For a solution, you will have to get these daughter in laws married to these dogs. Kirdada says we lost Asha’s husband before so we can’t take a risk. Rani says I won’t marry a dog. Jharna smirks and says I will do it. Kirdada asks Rani to do it. Raja says if she doesn’t believe in it then don’t force her. Kirdada says it’s about her life. Raja says this is blind faith. Hiten says if they are not ready then what can we do? The priest says then you will have to wait till 6 months before getting them married.

Asha says no, 6 months is a big time. Rani asks the priest how will we die? The priest gets tensed. Rani says then when will we die? The priest says after haldi. Rani says okay we will do haldi right now. She brings the haldi and makes Raja apply haldi to her. She says to the priest that let’s wait for sometime more and see if anything happens to me. All look on. Virinda gives her water. She drinks it and coughs. All look on. Rani faints. All are shocked. Raja rushes to her and asks what happened? Kirdada says the priest was right, this girl is gone… it all turns out to be Kirdada’s dream and Rani is still fine. Hiten says that our plan is failing. Rani tells the priest that your blind faith lost.


Subharambh 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Rani tells the priest that stop scaring everyone using God’s name, he doesn’t think bad for his people. Why don’t you bless people and give them positive advice? Raja smiles at her.


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