Subharambh 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Subharambh 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Subharambh 6th January 2020 Episode Start With Mehul and Jharna get married. Rani recalls Popat asking Virinda to empty the house and glares at him. Raja comes in front of her. She smiles at him. He sprinkles the flowers on her. He tells her that her blouse dori is open. Rani blushes and moves back. She hints at him. He moves back but Virinda comes there and ties her dori.

Raja tells her that you look very nice. Rani smiles. Kirtida glares at them and tells Hiten that they will not get married. Hiten says everything is ready? He comes to Asha and asks if everything is okay? She says yes. Hiten says if my brother was alive, he would be so happy, he gets emotional. Asha says you are making this wedding so don’t cry. Mehul and Jharna are married. Darshna tells Asha that Kirtida is upto something. We have to be careful. Mehul and Jharna take their family’s blessing.

Kirtida says I am so happy…. she faints. All rush to her. Raja asks what happened? The priest says we have to start the second wedding. Raja says no we have to take her to the hospital… it all turns out to be Asha’s dream. Asha gets an idea and tells it to Darshna. Darshna comes to Kirtida and says I can’t find the envelopes. Can you come and show it to me? Kirtida goes to the store-room where Asha had already painted glue on the wall. Kirtida comes in the store-room. Asha throws her against the wall and makes her hands glued to the wall.

Scene 2
Rani comes in the mandap as a bride. Raja smiles and compliments her silently. They both sit down.Asha glues Kirtida’s lips so she can’t talk. She locks here there and leaves.
Asha comes to the mandap. Hiten looks on. Asha asks the priest to start the wedding. Raja asks where is Kirtida? I can’t marry without her. He calls out to her. Asha tells him something in-ear. Raja says why didn’t you tell me before that Kirtida has promised to not come down till I am married. Hiten says why? Raja says she doesn’t want to cast an eye on me so she will join me in garah-parvesh.

Hiten says how can this happen? Rani says tell her that she can bless us here. Asha says no, it’s her way of blessing. Raja says no I can’t marry without her. Rani prays that everything is sorted. They suddenly hear the ambulance siren. Hiten thinks that Kirtida’s plan is failing. The nurse tells Hitank that the ambulance was called here. Asha talks to Hiten and says that Kirtida doesn’t want Raja and Rani to marry that’s why she called the ambulance here. I had to stop her, I can’t let her stop my son’s wedding. Hiten thinks that I have to do something now.


Subharambh 7th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Raja and Rani are getting married. Kirtida runs out of the store-room and thinks that I will stop this wedding now.


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