Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update


Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 9th October 2019 Episode Start With Zaroon running to Saltanat and holding her hand. He pushes Kainat away. Saltanat recalls their moments. She gets her memory. Zaroon pulls her up. She cries recalling him. She says Zaroon….. my love isn’t the one that make us of each other. He says our love is one which doesn’t let us become of someone else. They hug and cry. Kainat looks on. She gets angry. Madhav smiles and goes to Krish. Kainat gets up and sees them. She presses the remote. Saltanat looks on and pushes Zaroon to run. She takes a weapon and stabs Kainat in her stomach. Madhav thinks the evil has to end today, Raavan was killed today. She pushes Kainat down. Zaroon shouts Saltanat. The bomb blasts. Madhav, Saltanat and Zaroon get shocked. They shout Krish. Madhav sits crying. Krish comes there.He recalls freeing his ropes and getting away from the chair.

Madhav gets a big relief. He runs to hug Krish. Saltanat hugs Krish and asks are you fine. Zaroon calls Nadim and says I had to inform…. Nadim says thank Lord, come home soon. Nadim says Zaroon called, Saltanat is fine, they are coming home. Rubina and Zainab smile. Indu says they both are fine. She thanks Lord. Zaroon coes to ask Krish if he is fine. Krish says yes. Inspector says send Kainat’s body for post mortem. He asks who killed Kainat, she was a wanted criminal, law would have punished her. Saltanat and Madhav worry for Krish’s wound. She says Zaroon and I will take him to Shah Manzil. Madhav says inspector we will cooperate, let them get first aid. Sneha makes Jugal stand on ice slab. Indu asks what’s this. Sneha says Madhav will forgive Jugal seeing this. Indu says do anything, everything got fine, Kainat went from our lives, Madhav can now move on. She gets a message.

She says Madhav is taking Krish to Shah Manzil. Sneha says don’t know when will we get peace. Indu slips and falls down. Sneha worries. Indu sees the clock and says what’s happening, so many bad omens. Everyone praises Zaroon and Saltanat’s love. Rubina says Saltanat is coming back after long, I feel at peace. Nadim says happiness started coming home. Zainab says I don’t have courage to face Saltanat, before I fall weak, I shall pay for my crimes, Kainat isn’t the culprit alone, I m going to police station. They stop her. Zainab says my decision won’t change, take care of Saltanat. Nadim says we shall see once Saltanat comes. Zainab says I need time to think. She goes.

Madhav, Krish, Zaroon and Saltanat come home. Everyone smiles. Saltanat cries seeing everyone. She hugs Rubina and Nadim. Zaroon goes to get first aid. Madhav thinks I was doing a big mistake to punish a good person like Saltanat, everyone loves her so much. Saltanat hugs everyone. Madhav thinks Sakshi would be happy, the justice has happened, one family got complete. Nilam says everyone will praise Zaroon and your love. Saltanat says you and your sense of humour will never get better. Zaroon gets a call. He says fine, we will come. He says Maadhav and I will meet the police and come. Madhav asks Krishto be with Saltanat. She says I will do aid to Krish. Rubina says you are also hurt. She says I will do his aid first, then you can do my aid. Krish says you are the real superwoman, you fought that bad aunty so well, everything got fine, what are we doing here, we shall go our home now.

Sneha and Jugal see Sakshi’s memories. Sneha gets emotional. She cries and says I always taunted Madhav that he can’t become a good brother, today he proved that he is the best brother. He consoles her and says I have an idea to say him sorry, decorate these things in his room, he will be happy that Sakshi is around him. Sneha says perfect, thanks.

Nilam asks Zaroon why are you worried. He says I m worried, I had tried to stab Saltanat. She asks what, how couldn’t you understand that she is your Saltanat. He says yes, Saltanat would be thinking so wrong, will she be able to forgive me. She says give her time, I will talk to her if you want. He says no, I will go to talk to her once police leaves. She says fine.


Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 10th October 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Nilam asks aren’t you angry on Zaroon. Saltanat says no, but why… Nilam says he feels you won’t forgive him and will leave him.


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