Suman shows her love for Shravan in unique way, Suman’s confidence recovers Shravan out of fear


Suman shows her love for Shravan in unique way 

Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 is gearing up for high voltage drama and twist.Shravan and Suman’s life seems to take new turn and here major dhamaka is yet to unfold.Shravan and Suman’s differences are going on while amid all this Shravan is bearing fear of blood donation.Shravan is scared of needles and couldn’t resist it and thus Suman learns about it as Anish plans to take advantage of it.

Suman couldn’t let any one harm Shravan and thus she shows her love in unique way.Suman comes to the tent where Shravan’s blood donation is going on and stands by his side to motivate him.Anish is super irked as Suman is still helping Shravan even after what all happened.

Shravan is trying his best to woo Suman but here major syappa unfolds as Suman is totally against him.Shravan has another thing to deal with that is fear of blood donation as he fears the needles.Suman thus gets to know about Shravan’s this fear and decides to help him out with this.

Shravan is all in fear when Suman comes there and holds Shravan’s hand to help him out and thus Shravan is all lost in her eyes rather than realising his pain.

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