Swaran Ghar 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Swaran Ghar 11th August 2022 Episode starts with Swaran worrying for her job. Bebe says its okay, we can earn by Sanjha Chulha. Swaran says I won’t let you make rotis for long, I will go now. She sees the cycle. She says if I see the cycle owner, I will say thanks and borrow it today also. The neighbor comes to flirt.

She asks him to get away. He says its my cycle, you were going to thank me. She says I don’t want the cycle. The lady scolds Jeetu and says give this cycle to me, you are 6000rs due to me. The man gives the cycle and goes.

The lady asks Swaran to take the cycle and give 200rs. Bebe says 50rs, you took a discount from me tomorrow. The lady says your Saas is amazing. Bebe asks Swaran to go. Kids say we got late for the school. Swaran says I will drop them. The lady says you take one of the kid, his exam is there.

Sitabo charges them as well and says we should make money from time and hardwork. Swaran says you just talk like your sister Gulabo. Jeetu smiles seeing the cycle. He sees the spanner. The cycle screws get loose.

Swaran thinks I will meet Aarav and also get 150rs. Ajit says I will talk to Swaran, she will work here and share the earnings, she will become independent, I wish she agrees Swaran is on the way. Arjun asks Sanju to drive fast, maybe they find her today. The car passes. Swaran loses balance and shouts. The brakes don’t work.

Swaran shouts move aside. She tries to stop the cycle. Arjun doesn’t see her. She screams seeing some dirty water pit. Ajit stops Swaran and holds her cycle. The boy cries. She says thank God you have come, I got this boy to drop him to the school. He says the chain and the wheel are loose. The boy says we are getting late.

Ajit says its fine if you miss the exam. He gets a spanner to fix the cycle. He talks to the boy. He says I will teach you the maths of life. He teaches the boy. He says the cycle got fixed, it was easy, its imp to learn this, I had taught Swaran to ride the cycle. Swaran thanks him for coming on time and never leaving her. He says I will never leave you. She thanks him. She leaves.

Arjun comes to the locality. He asks Bebe to listen. Bebe asks what’s the matter. He asks for Gulabo. She says she stays after two houses. He thanks her. He says plant can get spoiled if you add much water in money plant. He leaves. She says he was giving me gyaan. He meets Gulabo. She says its me.

He says I need to talk something imp, can I come inside. Ajit gets food for Bebe. He says you were missing me, so I have come. She jokes. He says you talk bitter things, I got halwa puri for you. She says you might have added poison in it. He says poison won’t affect you, what’s this Sanjha Chulha.

She says I opened this, I earned 1300rs yesterday. Rajeshwari asks what, Arjun went to the locality, no, he can’t know anything, I will get Gulabo’s number from Mrs. Gupta. Arjun asks Gulabo about Swaran, the cook who worked at Mrs. Gupta’s place. He asks Swaran’s address. She asks for money.

He says I will give you. Ajit says this Sanjha Chulha is also like a dhaba, this is a good idea, tell Swaran, convince her. She says it was a big day yesterday. Rajeshwari calls Gulabo and asks her to not give the name and address of the cook to Arjun, if she wants to earn 25000rs. Gulabo asks why. Rajeshwari says either ask or earn, done? Gulabo says done. Rajeshwari sends her money.

Gulabo says Swaran left from here. Arjun thinks her name is Swaran. He says you said you will give me address. She says I don’t know anything about her. He says call me on this number and ask for me. She says I can’t call you by my damaged phone.

He says fine, take this 10000rs, you get the phone repaired, if you make me reach her, I will give you any amount and also a new phone, call me. She says fine. He goes. She calls Rajeshwari. She says I didn’t tell him name and address, he said he will give me any amount. Rajeshwari says I have sent a precious gift to your house, go and see. Gulabo gets scared of a gunshot.

She locks the gate. Rajeshwari threatens her. Gulabo thinks what’s special in Swaran, that they are after her. Ajit thinks Bebe agreed, Swaran should agree, don’t know when will she come from Aarav’s school. Arjun is also on the way. His driver hits Ajit’s scooter. Arjun gets down the car and says sorry, did you get hurt.

Ajit says my scooter is stubborn like me. Arjun says I m finding someone, she stays here. Ajit says I keep visiting here, I will help you. Arjun is about to tell her name. The man asks them to go aside and talk. Ajit gets lawyer’s call. Arjun and Ajit give good wishes to each other. Arjun leaves. He also talks to his lawyer about Ajit’s dhaba.

Swaran sees Aarav. He cries and hugs her. He says I missed you a lot, I want to be with you. She says I m with you, see what I got for you. She shows the aloo paratha and feeds him. he says its yummy.

Teacher comes. Swaran says I came to meet Aarav, I m his Dadi. Teacher says explain him to participate in the annual day, he has become a soldier. Aarav says no, I m scared of gun. Swaran tells the kids about Aarav’s kidnapping. She says Aarav didn’t get scared, he was chanting Satnam Vaheguru’s name, then the police caught the goons.

Everyone claps. Teacher says well done, are you participating tomorrow. He signs no. Swaran makes Aarav wear the kada and says this will protect you, will you perform. He says no, I will participate if you come. She smiles. She says I will come. He asks promise. She promises him.

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