Swaran Ghar 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Swaran Ghar 11th July 2022 Episode starts with Swaran saying you wanted Swaran ghar, you used to get angry and insult me, I saw you really happy today like you got what you wanted, right. Vikram says no. She asks what happened, did your conscience get awakened, did you take the return gift, you got the house on your name. Vikram gets shocked.

She cries and recalls his words. Bebe asks what are you talking, why is Vikram upset, it’s a good day, Swaran always spoils things. Vikram says I will tell you everything. Swaran asks Kiran did you make the papers’ copy. She recalls hearing Nimmo telling Kiran about the papers. She asks Kiran to show the copy to Bebe also.

Bebe says Vikram would be asking for a return gift. Swaran smiles and gives the house model to Vikram. She says have this, your return gift. Aarav says this Swaran ghar is of me and you, right. Swaran says no, its not mine now, I wish it stays yours.

Swaran asks Vikram to take the gift. Vikram takes it. He drops the house and it falls down. Kiran asks Aarav to go to his room. Bebe asks what’s going on, someone tell me. Vikram says I will tell you, you will be proud to know, we got what we wanted. Swaran says you wanted it, you didn’t give anything to your brothers.

Kiran says don’t worry for Nakul, half Swaran ghar is on my name, Nakul and I are one. Swaran asks what about Yug, you both are making us feel proud. Bebe asks what is going on. Vikram says dad gave our everything to a stranger,

Ajit, I took my rights back from him, nothing else. Kiran says Vikram and I got the house on our name, here are the papers. Bebe is shocked. Vikram says you also wanted this, right.

Bebe checks the papers. She asks when did you sign the papers, did you sign by your wish. Swaran says yes, I signed the loan papers, but the house papers. Shorvori says you said you read the papers well. Bebe says wait, Vikram did you change the papers and cheat your mum to get the signs, come with me,

your dad had a heart of gold, no one can point a finger at your mum’s goodness, from where did you learn this lies and cheat. Vikram says from you. Kiran says yes, Divya did a fake pregnancy drama, you knew it, right. Vikram argues with Bebe. Bebe gets dizzy. Swaran runs and holds her. Bebe says I wanted to make Ajit out, but you have done wrong.

Lawyer comes to meet Ajit. Ajit says Jai, we will do the work tomorrow. Lawyer gives the notice to Ajit. Ajit says its notice to vacate the dhaba, who is this man, how can two people have the same land. Lawyer says you have to get a stay order.

Ajit worries. He gets the land and dhaba papers. He says sorry Dhillo, I can’t take you to meet Aarav today. Dhillo says its okay, you keep the gift. Bebe says you broke the house. Vikram says we will stay together. Kiran says yes, Swaran can stay here, we didn’t plan to oust her. Bebe scolds Kiran and Nimmo.

Vikram asks why are you getting hyper, what wrong did I do, I have a right on my dad’s property, dad didn’t give us anything, mum also didn’t give it, so we had to do this. Bebe asks by cheat. He says I know I did wrong to do good, sorry. He asks Swaran to forgive him, they will make everything fine.

Swaran says you weren’t with us, you never called us or answered our calls, I don’t remember when you came last, we didn’t meet you wife till now. Aarav comes and asks are you still fighting. Vikram says no, we aren’t fighting.

He asks Swaran to think of Aarav, please stop this. Swaran cries. He asks her to come, they will open Aarav’s gifts. Swaran sits to check the gifts. She sees the house and recalls the good memories. She takes her miniature from the house model and goes upstairs. Arjun thanks the magistrate. He says I want to do everything according to law. Ajit comes there. Arjun leaves with Aman.

Ajit collides with Arjun and says sorry. Ajit shows the papers to the magistrate. The magistrate says he just went. Jai says we will first do our work. Ajit goes to see. He sees a car leaving. He says we got a stay, I will see who runs the bull dozer on my dhaba. He checks Swaran and Shorvori’s missed calls. He asks Jai to go home. He thinks is everything fine. Swaran packs her bags and comes. Vikram looks at her.

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