Swaran Ghar 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Swaran Ghar 12th July 2022 Episode starts with Nimmo asking Aarav to go to his room. Swaran taunts her. She says I want to talk to my Aarav. She asks Aarav to always remember, she loves him a lot.

She says be a good boy, don’t trouble mum and dad, listen to them. He nods and asks where are you going. She says I don’t know, I know that I have to leave. Nimmo takes Aarav with her. Aarav asks when will you come back, tell me. Swaran says I understood what you wanted. Kiran says you can stay here.

Vikram says you are doing this to insult us, stop this drama, I won’t let you go. Swaran says you call my deeds a drama, why can’t I do what I want if you can do what you want.

He says you are feeling cheated, we felt the same when dad didn’t name us in the will and gave the rights to Ajit, I just got our rights now, why can’t you stay here when I got the house on my name. She says this house was a house when it was on my name, now its just a piece of land, there are no emotions, if you wanted to, then you would have got dedicated to this house, I m leaving. Kiran asks why are you making it a big issue.

He says its okay, let her go. He asks Swaran where will she go. Swaran asks him not to worry. She takes Kanwal’s pic. She says I took Kanwal’s pic and some pain in my heart, hope you don’t mind. Kiran asks are you not tired of doing this drama, you want to tell everyone that Vikram and I ousted you.

Vikram asks really, you want people to give you sympathy. Swaran asks since when did you start worrying for others. He says fine, go, no one will stop you. She says I have one regret. Vikram says that you gave birth to a son like me. She says no, that Nakul and Yug’s rights got compromised, you sent them away to cheat me, a house is made by family, but by bricks and stones. She cries.

Swaran says you both have worked hard to snatch this house, congrats. Shorvori asks where will you go alone. Bebe says she won’t go alone, I will also go with her. Swaran says no need. Bebe says I have decided. Nimmo says its good if she also leaves. Vikram says no, you won’t leave, I just removed mum’s name from the will.

Bebe says I have shown you the wrong path, I have to repent, my house is one where my son and bahu stay. He says you won’t go anywhere. Bebe says you got what you wanted, you enjoy. She asks Swaran to come. Swaran recalls her memories with Kanwal and kids. She leaves.

Bebe says I never thought that Vikram will get the house by cheat. Shorvori says you come to my house, Swaran. Neelu says I won’t let you go. Swaran says I can’t stay here against my self esteem, take care. Ajit is on the way.

He prays that Swaran is fine. Nimmo removes Swaran ghar board and throws it on the ground. Bebe gets angry. Swaran stops her. Nimmo says why should this board be here when the house isn’t of Swaran, take it from here. Swaran picks the board. She says I will take this house back for Kanwal and my kids, I will put this name back here.

Bebe nods. They leave. Ajit comes there and sees the broken board. He goes in to ask what happened. Nimmo says we got rid of Swaran and Bebe. Kiran says Vikram is here. Vikram says how can Bebe leave me and go. Door bell rings.

Kiran says I think Bebe got senses and she came back. Vikram opens the door. Ajit asks where is Swaran, isn’t Bebe at home. Vikram asks him how did he come inside. Ajit asks what happened, how are you talking. Vikram says you can’t come inside.

Ajit says you can’t stop me. Vikram says its my house now. Ajit says I m the guardian of this house. Vikram shows the papers and asks him to read it. Vikram says its our house now. he scolds Ajit. Ajit is shocked.

Kiran says Swaran and you have signed these papers, its our house now, you aren’t the guardian, Swaran isn’t the owner. Ajit says I don’t accept this. Vikram threatens him of police. Aarav comes. He says you know Swaran left the house, Bebe also went with her. Ajit worries.

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