Swaran Ghar 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Swaran Ghar 12th September 2022 Episode starts with Bebe asking Swaran to think. Swaran cries and asks what are you saying, I m your son’s wife. Bebe says that’s why I m telling you, you said Kanwal gave your responsibility to Ajit. Swaran says it’s a different thing.

Bebe says a man can’t protect a woman without any right, right comes with a relation. Swaran says he is keeping the right of a friend. Bebe says yes, I know you need a life partner. Swaran asks are you asking me to marry Ajit, how did you think so, you made fun of my marriage with Kanwal.

Bebe says no, I didn’t wish to hurt you, Kanwal won’t be happy to see you like this, if you stay happy, then he will also stay happy. Swaran says don’t say this. Bebe says he loved you a lot, how can he stay happy seeing you like this, you know after your dad left, I had handled myself, I had my Kanwal, my children were good, your children are stones,

useless, they don’t even know your pain, did anyone come to see you. She says I have named my entire life to Kanwal and my children, this can’t happen. Bebe asks what did you get, you lost your house also, do they care for you, they don’t care, live for yourself, live for Ajit who fights the world for your sake. Swaran says you want to see me happy by giving Kanwal’s place to someone else,

I have children, grandchildren, will I stay happy by remarrying. Bebe says they all don’t care for you, you have no one, I m seeing it, if anything happens to me, then what will happen to you, I have seen it, just Ajit cares for you, he comes running on your one call, he fights the world. Swaran says stop it, he is my friend, he comes running to help to keep his promise to Kanwal, ask him, there is nothing. She asks Ajit to forgive her. She says don’t know what is coming in Bebe’s mind, tell Bebe,

explain her that there is nothing such. She says Bebe, Ajit won’t support your decision, he has a family, he has children and grandchildren, he loved his wife a lot, Lord gave us a lot, your decision won’t make anything, but shatter it. She asks Ajit to tell Bebe that they are just friends, they can’t be something more than that. Ajit recalls Swaran and his moments.

Rajeshwari comes to Arjun. She says I think a storm is going to come. He says yes, its good Swaran got saved, you might know it, you spoke to Gulabo before sending the goons. She denies it. He asks what was your number doing in Gulabo’s number. He says it proves that what I m thinking is right.

She says its happening because of that woman. She lies to him. She asks what’s your relation with Swaran, you don’t trust your sister. Swaran asks Ajit to tell Bebe, they are just friends. She says Bebe, after his wife passed away, he stopped writing letters to me so that the people don’t misunderstand us. She asks Ajit to say, why is he silent. Bebe says Swaran…

Swaran asks Ajit to tell Bebe, he doesn’t want this. He asks what shall I say. She says that we are just friends, tell Bebe.

She asks him to swear on her, and tell Bebe that they are just friends. Ajit gets his hand back. Swaran gets shocked. Bebe says his silence is showing it, he isn’t just a friend, but he likes you. Swaran gets shocked. Rajeshwari taunts Arjun for doubting her. He says you are imp to me. She says I feel Swaran has become everything for you. He pacifies and hugs her.

Swaran says this can’t happen Ajit, you cheated me. Ajit asks her to listen. She asks how many cheat will I tolerate. She scolds him. She says I told everyone that you are my friend, you defamed our friendship. He says no.

She says I m understanding right, our relation isn’t of friendship, you wanted to take Kanwal’s place, you wanted to become my support this way, just go, I don’t want to see your face, just go away, you ruined everything. Swaran asks Ajit to leave. He goes out and stands under the rain. He thinks of Swaran’s words. He cries

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