Swaran Ghar 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Swaran Ghar 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Swaran Ghar 13th September 2022  Episode starts with Ajit walking on the roads. He recalls Swaran’s words. Swaran thinks of Ajit. She thinks why did you try to repeat the 30-year-old story again. Ajit comes home. He sees the card and recalls his childhood. He sits crying. She also cries. Its morning,

Bebe sees Swaran and says you have no tears left now. Swaran says I have no tears left since Kanwal passed away. Bebe says Ajit didn’t come. Swaran says don’t talk about him, I don’t care for him.

Bebe goes to see the tea. Ajit cries. Bebe sys don’t know he reached home or not, he went in rain, he is your friend. Swaran says no, the relation got stained, it won’t get off. She goes. Bebe says I made Swaran cry. Swaran recalls Ajit’s words. Arjun says I didn’t know I will fall in love again, thanks Swaran ji.

He sees their video. Rajeshwari comes and says Dubai clients want to meet you today. He says we are going to Kasaulli right. She says I will go and meet the clients. Arjun thinks to take Swaran to meet Bua, if Bua likes her, then she will convince Rajeshwari, but by what excuse shall I take her.

Ajit thinks of Swaran. He thinks what to do, shall I write a letter for her. He writes an apology letter. Arjun calls Ajit. He says you are coming with me to Kasaulli, there is a business plan, I want your ideas. Arjun comes to meet Swaran. She says I was coming to office. He says no, you are going to Kasaulli today,

I have a business meeting, you may take notes and calls, Mallika is on leave. She says okay, I will get ready in 5 mins, sit. He asks where is Bebe. She says she went to Gurudwara, will you have water. He says no, its okay.

They go to his car. She sees Ajit sitting inside. She asks will he come along, you said we are going for office meeting. He says yes, it’s a meeting with restaurant business client, Ajit is good in his work. She says I can’t come. Arjun insists. She sits. They leave.

Arjun asks them to have fruits. Ajit asks Swaran to eat. She refuses. Arjun asks her to have it, its sweet. She takes some fruits. Ajit asks her to listen. She asks Arjun to switch on the radio.

Ajit says sorry, everything shattered because of me, I didn’t do it intentionally. Arjun says its okay, my mood is good, it won’t spoil. He thinks I didn’t know that I will think of love and marriage again. Ajit thinks I think of you Swaran, but not about losing you, so I want to say sorry. She thinks I m helpless to sit here, don’t try to apologize.

Arjun hugs his Bua and Phupa. They find him happy and wish him. Arjun introduces his friends. Bua asks are you Mr and Mrs. Swaran says no, we are not husband and wife. Arjun says they are friends. Ajit thinks I just want to be your friend. Arjun says come, I will show the house.

Swaran says you said there is a meeting here. Arjun says yes, we will have a meeting with Ajit, there was a dhaba here, Phupaji made a resort here, he can help you too, we can become partners. Ajit refuses and says I can’t handle a resort. Arjun asks Swaran to convince Ajit. He asks what’s the matter, did you both have a fight, you are childhood friends, right, come. Ajit says Swaran, talk to me. She goes.

Ajit tries to talk to her. She says I don’t want to listen to you. He says I couldn’t lie to you so I was silent, we had a relation 30 years back, fate didn’t let it form, and we kept quiet. She says my fate was destined to connect with Kanwal, and your fate had someone else, our paths got different,

you can’t connect it now, how can you think so. He says time has brought Ajit back in your life, we accepted the fate, but fate wants to unite us again. She asks did you go mad, why are you snatching my friendship. He says I know what you were for me, what you are for me, what I feel for you. She looks on shocked.


Swaran Ghar 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Swaran says to Ajit, I don’t care about past. Ajit says to her I care about future, stop talking all this. Ajit says to her, okay I won’t, but promise me you won’t leave me ever. Arjun walks in.


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