Swaran Ghar 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Swaran Ghar 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Swaran Ghar 14th June 2022 Episode starts with Swaran asking Kiran how will she manage the work when she knows nothing about pind daan. Kiran asks will you vent frustration on me. Swaran argues with Nimmo and Kiran. Nimmo asks Kiran to take Swaran’s help in the work. Ajit talks to Jai.

He says I m coming home in an hour. Jai asks really. Divya asks is he coming, I knew it, our love will brin him back. Ajit sees Swaran coming home. She says I couldn’t say anything for you.

Ajit says I understand what’s in your heart, I m leaving. She says I know where you are going and why, I m your friend, you are going to find proof, don’t go. He asks how will I prove myself right. She says don’t do it.

He asks why. She says truth can become a lie while we try to prove it, I have to fight this alone. He says I won’t let you do this, try to understand. He leaves. She comes home. Bebe asks Kiran to handle the work. Swaran looks on. Ajit comes home. The family welcomes him with love.

He says I will have halwa later, I have some work. He goes to his room and looks for some pics. Jai says you didn’t get your bags. Ajit says I wish I find something. Swaran cleans the house. Bebe says I asked Kiran to decorate the house as Kanwal liked. Yug says I will just come. Divya asks didn’t you come home forever.

Ajit says I will come after solving Swaran’s problems. Swaran makes garlands. Bebe comes there and sees the garlands over Kanwal’s pic. Pandit says nice decorations. Swaran hides and smiles.

Ajit asks why am I not getting anything. Dhillo comes home. Ajit hugs him. Dhillo asks him to say the story. Ajit says later. Dhillo says stay with us. Ajit says I will stay with you, but I have imp work. Dhillo says I will come along.

Ankita asks Ajit to take Dhillo with him. Ajit leaves. Kiran asks how did you like the decoration. Bebe says great. Kiran thanks her. Swaran thinks pind daan should happen well. She sees Vikram and recalls his words.

Aarav runs to Swaran and asks her to come. Bebe asks Yug to come and sit. Dhillo asks for popcorn. Ajit asks him to wait. He calls his friend. He sees Dhillo gone. He calls out Dhillo and looks for him.

Kiran asks Nakul to get Aarav. Nakul sees Swaran. He takes Aarav with him. Everyone sits in the puja. Pandit asks for Kanwal’s wife. Bebe asks him to start the havan. Ajit looks for Dhillo everywhere and cries.

Swaran prays for Kanwal. The sons do the pind daan puja. Ajit gets Jai’s call. Jai asks shall I come to take Dhillo. Ajit says Dhillo is missing, he wanted to have popcorn, don’t know where did he go. Jai asks what.

Ajit sees Dhillo and says I got him. He disconnects. Ajit hugs Dhillo. He asks where did you go, I was worried. Amrinder comes and says he is your grandson, right, he came inside my shop. Ajit thanks him. Amrinder says you love him a lot, when I went to Swaran’s house,

my state was same, I thought if I can see my family or not, you were angry yesterday, you are scared today, you may understand my helplessness, I got a message before I told the truth to Bebe, I was asked to lie about your marriage with Swaran,

someone threatened of killing my family, I was scared, sorry, I m giving this proof to you, I can’t do wrong with you, Parmeet had made Ramleela videos, I got the video, the temple was made on Ramleela stage, its clearly seen in the video, show it to everyone and clear the misunderstanding.

Ajit says call the number from which you got the message. Amrinder calls. Vikram answers. Ajit gets angry and thinks Vikram…. Ajit calls Swaran. He asks did pind daan get over. She says no. He says Amrinder accepted that he lied, he was threatened. She asks who threatened him. He says Vikram. She gets shocked and looks at Vikram. Vikram recalls telling his plan to Kiran.


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