Swaran Ghar 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Swaran Ghar 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Swaran Ghar 14th September 2022 Episode starts with Swaran saying don’t say this, this isn’t our age to talk such things. He says whatever the age, we need someone’s support. Bua says you like Swaran, right. Arjun smiles and says yes, but how did you know.

Bua says I know you since you used to wear a diaper, I have seen you looking at her with love. He says Swaran is really nice. She says you both will look good together.

Swaran asks Ajit not to say anything now. Ajit holds her hand and stops her. He recalls their moments. Bua sees them from far. Nakul, Vikram and Kiran get ready. They say maybe Anup planned some surprise. Nimmo says his elder sister is getting married. Vikram says but his sister is too old, she is of our mum’s age. Kiran asks who marries in this age. Nimmo says we have to go and have the tasty food.

Swaran says you are my friend since years, we have different families and lives, still our friendship is over, don’t spoil it, else everything will shatter. Ajit says my intention doesn’t have any stain. Arjun asks what are you saying. Bua says yes, I feel Ajit loves Swaran, he likes her. Arjun laughs. He says they both are childhood friends. Bua says I told you what I felt, you think well before talking to her. He says fine.

At the Gurudwara, Vikram comments on the old couple. Kiran laughs. Nimmo also comments. Nakul says they are not so old. Kiran says they will become parents in this age. Shorvori is also there. he says who told that marriage can’t happen in this age, marriage is done to become support for each other, not to become parents, fate decides it.

Ajit says I m still true like I was 30 years back. Swaran says I just care for your friendship, I wish you also respected this, I don’t want to think of that, just remember what we are today, else I can start hating you. Shorvori and Nimmo argue. Shorvori taunts her.

Ajit says I can see pain and worry in your eyes, but not hatred for me, I know, you can’t hate me. Arjun comes there. Swaran asks why do you want to ruin everything. Ajit says I told you my feelings, I know you don’t want to come out of Kanwal’s memories, what’s my mistake, I just see you.

She says stop it, don’t talk such things. Ajit says fine, promise me, you will never make me away, why are you doing this. Swaran asks am I doing it or you. They see Arjun. Arjun asks them to come and have food, then they will discuss work. Swaran says I will go and help. She goes. Arjun asks is everything fine, Ajit. Ajit says yes. Arjun says I have to tell something. Ajit says yes, tell me.

Arjun says you and Swaran… Ajit gets Jai’s call. He goes. Arjun shows the dhaba plan. He asks Ajit to shake hands and become his partner. Ajit coughs and says I got drenched in rain yesterday. Swaran gets water for him. She recalls their argument. Ajit says I know my dhaba land is big, but… Arjun says highway is close, it’s a golden opportunity. He asks Swaran to explain him.

She says I don’t understand business. He says but you understand Ajit, right, explain him, what he should do. Swaran says some people listen to heart and some listen to mind, if a person listens to heart, then he gets away from dear ones and if he listens to mind, he gets away from mind. Arjun says you told the opposite. Swaran says he should ask his heart and mind. He says I feel you are talking of something else, not the resort.

Ajit says she knows me well, I don’t talk unrelated things, thanks for considering me for partnership, I can’t think of this, I want to stay in my status. Arjun says if life gives you a chance, then you should do it, else how would you know what you deserve. Ajit recalls Swaran. He says I tried a lot of times,

but I have nothing more written in fate, so my status and I compromised, I m happy now, if there is anything in my fate then I will get it. He looks at Swaran. Arjun says you are right. He asks Swaran does she agree with his fate talks. She says I will just come. She goes.

Arjun asks did anything happen, she looks annoyed, any fight. Ajit says no, she is worried about Bebe. Arjun says well, this was my dream for you, you broke it, is your dream Swaran ji.

Ajit asks what are you saying, you both are childhood friends so I felt…. There wasn’t any love between you two. Ajit recalls Swaran. Arjun says you got late in replying. Ajit smiles and says there is nothing such, why did you felt so, we are just childhood friends. Arjun smiles.


Swaran Ghar 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajit and Arjun are drinking, Ajit asks Arjun what is love to him, and who does he love. Arjun says her name is Sw….and Swaran walks in.


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