Swaran Ghar 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Swaran Ghar 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Swaran Ghar 15th September 2022  Episode starts with Swaran seeing the landslide news. She says we have to go back home today, Bebe is alone, she will worry. She gets Shorvori’s call. She says I have come to Kasauli for office work, landslide happened,

I m worried for Bebe, I can come tomorrow, ask Neelu to go and stay with Bebe, thanks. Ajit comes with a candle. She asks who. He says its me, I went to call Jai, there is darkness, you are scared of darkness, right. Tenu taakeyaan…plays… Arjun comes and asks them to come, bonfire is ready.

She says there would be some way to go home. He says no, until landslide gets clear, we can’t go anywhere, sorry, we will leave once it gets clear. Bua comes. He jokes. She says I told you something, did you find out. He says yes, they are just friends. She says there is no problem them. He asks her to convince Rajeshwari. She says you took many years to forget Sapna, we have seen your state after she left,

if Swaran refuses then… she is a widow and she has three children. He says I will convince her, I m sure that my heart won’t break this time. Vikram says I m sure you want to give a bigger order this time. The man scolds him and says we are getting complains from the people. Vikram lies to him.

Nimmo asks is it a big thing. Nakul says yes, we have to solve this soon. Vikram says such little things happen, we should think of profits. Kiran says we should celebrate our profits. Nakul says if mum didn’t save Arjun, then he would have not done marketing for our brand, accept it. Nimmo asks her not to complain. Swaran asks Ajit to have ginger tea, it will be right for his health. She helps Bua in work.

Ajit asks Arjun to drink tea. Swaran looks on. They hear the radio, Tanha’s show. Arjun smiles and sees Swaran. The radio stops working. Arjun continues the show offline. They all get surprised seeing Arjun as RJ Tanha.

The fans meet Tanha and take his autograph. Swaran and Ajit get surprised. He says Goldie is Tanha. She says yes, we heard many of his shows. Arjun says his words touch our heart. Ajit says Goldie, you are Tanha. Arjun asks are you not happy. Swaran says your words answer everyone’s questions.

Ajit hugs Arjun and says you helped me a lot, by what name shall I call you, you are so talented. Swaran says you both have the talent of hiding things, I couldn’t understand. She goes. A guy sings Kesariya… Ajit and Arjun see Swaran and smile. Bua says its late, we will go and sleep. Swaran goes with him. She feels sorry for Ajit.

Arjun asks don’t you want to sleep. Ajit says I won’t get sleep today, it’s a lonely night, lonely emotions, lonely me and you are with me. Arjun says we can have one thing. Nakul tries to ask customers about the cream’s allergic reaction. Kiran asks why are you spreading this news. He says I m trying to save our customers,

we should talk to mum. She says no, its our business, our responsibility. Ajit and Arjun drink. Ajit says I want to ask something, did you love someone. Arjun says a person should be away from love. Arjun recalls Swaran and talks about her. Ajit says love breaks heart. Arjun says don’t talk about it, we are the heart of life,

we have to beat till the life’s end. Ajit asks why did you ask about Swaran and me, tell me the name of the person you love. Arjun asks shall I say, will you say anyone, her name is…. Bua asks Arjun to come inside, its so cold. Arjun says coming. Arjun asks Ajit to come. Ajit asks him to go. He says I want to sit here for some time.

Arjun goes. Swaran sees Ajit sleeping in the lawn and thinks he will get sick this way. She goes to wake him up. She covers him with her shawl. The ladies come to Swaran house and ask Kiran about the allergic reaction.

Kiran shouts Vikram… Vikram talks to some customer on call. He hears Kiran screaming. Nimmo argues with the girls. Nakul looks on. Vikram asks what, you want to return all the cream, but…. Nimmo and Kiran shut the door. Nimmo says the day is bad. Nakul says I explained you, you all didn’t listen, now suffer.

Arjun drops Swaran and Ajit. He says we will meet at office tomorrow. Ajit says I will also go from here, my scooter is here. Arjun leaves. Swaran says your scooter is here. Ajit says it doesn’t matter. She asks are you fine, why are you doing this, can’t I tell you what I want. He says you can say, just I can’t say. He leaves.


Swaran Ghar 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bebe is informed Ajit has high fever. Bebe says Swaran, lets go check on Ajit. Swaran says to Bebe I won’t come, Bebe says to her but I will go and leaves.


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