Swaran Ghar 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Swaran Ghar 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Swaran Ghar 23rd August 2022  Episode starts with Ajit coming to Swaran’s house to get his phone. Bebe taunts him. Ajit gets Arjun’s message. Ajit sees Swaran coming and imagines their moments.

Gud se mitha ishq….plays… She sees him and says I got a job in the radio channel. Ajit congratulates her. He says I will drop you. Swaran gets a message. She sees the car coming to pick her. She leaves. Bebe blesses Swaran. Ajit says you are talking about me, right. She says no.

The lady says boss respects the women and ensures our safety, so the car picks the female employees. Swaran gets glad. Bebe asks how did Nakul, Vikram and Kiran come. Ajit says we were leaving and.. She says Goldie did this, right, he is amazing. Ajit says I m also amazing, I have made good tea, don’t insult me, I m also a good person. She says you run a dhaba, he is a rich man, tell him to do your work, he will do it.

Arjun calls Ajit and asks what help do you want. Ajit says nothing, I have handled everything alone, I will do it myself, it gives peace to fight own battle, I don’t want to lose the peace. Arjun says you are right, but I m always there if you need help. Ajit ends call. He says I have to handle this myself,

Swaran shouldn’t think that I can’t do anything alone, I lost her before, but not this time, I don’t know if I will get her, I want to change things, so I can’t let Goldie come between Swaran and me. Swaran comes to the radio channel. She meets Mallika. Mallika says your age isn’t of doing work here.

Swaran says I got the job here. Mallika asks how can this happen. Arjun looks on and recalls Ajit’s words. Mallika asks Swaran to leave. Swaran asks her not to touch her things. Peon gives an envelope. Swaran says give it to me, its for me. Peon asks her to sign the letter. Mallika goes. Swaran checks the appointment letter.

Kiran congratulates Nakul. She says we got a big order, Aarav’s principal said that he wants to give the Swaran Nikhar cream to all the teachers. Nimmo comes and hear this. She hugs Kiran. She congratulates them. Nakul asks what did you do in this. She says I have prayed a lot, so this happened.

Vikram comes and asks really, I thought its because of radio ad show. He jokes. Nakul says Tanha gave our ad because we went to mummy, its mum’s favor. Vikram says we got a big order, we will get money. Swaran keeps her family pics on the desk. She clicks the pics and messages Ajit. Mallika says you know the work. Swaran says yes, I have to answer the phone calls and also answer the enquiry with love and smile. Mallika says wow, you are really smart. Swaran answers a call.

Arjun says I m the MD, welcome to our office, your office. She says thanks for the job and sending the car for me. He says good luck for your work. She gets happy. Mallika asks all the creatives to come for the meeting. She stops Swaran. She asks her to sit quiet, she has no work in the meeting. Swaran sits back. She answers the call. Arjun asks her not to send any visitors, and not connect any phone calls, no disturbance in the meeting. She says sure.

Ajit hears Tanha’s show. He checks Swaran’s office pics and smiles. He thinks of Swaran. He says I couldn’t give you the card that time, but want to give it now. He says I don’t know what will be her reply, but I will tell her. Arjun sees Swaran at the door and hides his face. He thinks I don’t want you to know my favor. Ajit calls Swaran.

He asks her to finish the work and meet him in the evening, he will give her a party for the new job. She says I got the job, I will give the party. She ends call. She gets Bebe’s call. Bebe asks how is the new job going. Swaran says its going good, I don’t know using coffee machine. Bebe says I know it, Nirmal had it in her house. She instructs Swaran. Swaran gets glad and says I got the coffee. The phone rings. She goes.

Swaran answers the call. Some men come to meet MD. She says sorry, Sir is in meeting, wait for sometime. The man says Radheshyam is MP of the ruling party, you are asking him to wait. She says sorry, Sir is in meeting, I can’t let you go inside. Radheshyam says I have come to meet Arjun, go and call him. She asks him to have tea or coffee, Sir is busy, just sit, don’t go inside. He gets angry. He sits there. The man says you will lose your job if you don’t fix this meeting.


Swaran Ghar 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Radheshyam threatens Swaran. She says I can’t let you go inside. She stops him. She falls back into Arjun’s arms.


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