Swaran Ghar 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Swaran Ghar 23rd May 2022 Episode starts with Divi’s imagination breaking. She goes to Swaran and smiles. She wishes Swaran and gives the kheer. Swaran asks Divi to feed the kheer to Ajit first. Divi asks her to have it. She says sorry for yesterday, I say nonsense in anger. Ajit smiles. Divi says it was not my mistake,

you said I went on dad, sorry. Swaran says thanks. Divi says I will go. Swaran says no, have some food and go. Divi says my Sasumaa has kept a bhandara. Swaran asks her to say sorry to Ajit while leaving.

Divi goes to Ajit and says sorry. Ajit hugs her. She says I want your help, mumma wants the food for bhandara to come from your dhaba. Ajit says it will be done. She says you have to come at 8pm. Ajit looks at Swaran. Divi says its fine if you can’t come, I will make an excuse. He says no need, I will come and get the food also. She thanks him.

She leaves. He says I will manage the bhandara and Swaran’s birthday party also. He sees Swaran leaving and thinks I couldn’t wish you again. Swaran goes to the jeweller and sees Bebe’s necklace. She gives the first instalment and says I will pay the money soon. He says your necklace is safe here, don’t worry.

Ajit talks to his dhaba man and gives instructions about the bhandara food. Ajit sees Swaran leaving from the jeweller. She says I will have the necklace in my neck soon, I will pay the money and get it back soon. He thinks how did I forget it, I know what to do now. Swaran comes home. She sees the lights off. She calls out everyone. She collides with Ajit.

She asks what happened to the light. Ajit says I have to say something, I didn’t get a chance before, happy birthday Swaran. They smile. He says I wish you stay a thousand years and I trouble you all the while. She laughs. She thanks him and asks him to check lights, she feels scared. He says lights will come, see.

The lights come. The girls run to Swaran and say surprise. Swaran asks how many surprises will you give me. Amber says there are many surprises. Swaran sees Aarav coming. She hugs him. He wishes her. Aarav says dad and Yug have made a special cake for you. She asks how is your dad. He says good, he has also come. She sees Nakul and Yug. She thinks no, it’s a dream. She looks at them again.

She recalls everything that happened. Nakul and Yug wish her. She thanks them. Nakul says Vikram didn’t come. Yug says I m sure he will also come to wish you. Nakul asks are you fine, whatever happened wasn’t fine. She says everything will be fine. She hugs them. They smile. The girls ask how did you like our surprise.

Vikram says food safety dept will come and shut this dhaba, we will go in the party and show that pic, Nakul and Yug have to come back on my side, I will get the Swaran house, Ajit will get arrested by food safety dept. Kiran asks him to keep her updated. He says I m coming mummy to celebrate my victory.

Amber says its Swaran’s birthday, she has completed 18 years, she has become an adult, celebration should be rocking, why don’t we play a round of Antakshari and give the gifts to Swaran. Nakul greets Micky and says sorry for whatever happened that night. She says its okay. They ask Ajit to come. Ajit refuses. Ajit says Yug and Neelima helped in making arrangements. Swaran asks did you ask Yug.

She gets glad. She says I will sing Kanwal’s fav song. She sings. Everyone dances. Ajit gets Divi’s call. He says I m leaving. Amber asks him to come and sing. Divi says I will order food from somewhere else. Neelu asks him to come.

Ajit says I have imp work, I have to go. Neelu says just sing. Ajit sings. Swaran looks at him. He gives the gift to Swaran. She recalls Kanwal. Nakul and Yug look on. Swaran looks at Ajit. She checks his gift. She is shocked to see Bebe’s necklace. Swaran asks Ajit to stop singing.

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