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Swaran Ghar 26th April 2022 Episode starts with Vikram saying we think the same, we have to find the connection of mum and Ajit, we have to go to mum’s pind. Kiran comes from shopping. Nimmo says you didn’t get a mobile for me, I wish I could get such pics again. He says we will go to pind and find out their connection, we have to send Nakul to US. Ajit leaves from Swaran house.

Nimmo turns and doesn’t see him leaving. Kiran says yes, Nakul should go to US. Nakul asks what. Swaran hears Ankita talking to the ladies. Ankita says I didn’t ask Ajit to leave. Swaran answers the ladies. She says we blame the media but you people give such news to the media. The lady asks who are you to talk between us. Swaran says that news was false, Ajit and my name were linked, so I will talk in between, go to your house now.

Vikram asks Nakul to go to US, they will handle things here. Kiran says if your boss fires you then… we have much depts on us, how will we manage here. Vikram says I m paying rent for this house, Nakul can go. Nakul says fine, don’t spoil things here. He goes. Nimmo asks Vikram to keep a calm mind, now Swaran is gone.

Swaran says Ajit is staying in Swaran ghar. Ankita says he is stubborn, he won’t listen to us, he would listen to Divya. Swaran says ask her to convince Ajit. Ankit says she went out of city for some work, but I will send Jai. Swaran thinks Ajit should leave from the house on time. Amber thinks Swaran cooks food for everyone, she is so caring, she can’t be bad. Kiran meets Amber and asks the info.

Amber says Swaran made my fav food, did you talk to Ashu. They argue. Kiran says I promise I will make you talk to Ashu, give me info now. Amber says Tara had come home at night, she told Swaran that Vikram came there.

Kiran says fine, go, I will ask Ashu to call you. Amber says Swaran is so good, why don’t you stay with her, are you all doing wrong with her. she leaves. Jai meets Ajit at the dhaba. He says Ankita said that you stayed at Swaran’s house. Yug comes to the hotel. He says mum and I used to come here. He recalls the past moments.

Swaran comes and orders his fav pineapple pastry for him. He sees her. Ajit asks Jai to close eyes and open his mouth. He makes Jai eat the tamarind candy. Jai asks how did you get this. Ajit says you did as I said, your trust is imp, I m not doing wrong. Swaran says you may forget everything, but I won’t forget, a mum’s love never changes. Swaran comes to school. She thinks of Ginni.

Ajit picks Dhillo from school. She asks Dhillo to explain Ajit not to get adamant. Yug asks Nakul to think by heart, Swaran still loves them a lot. He says she came to café and gave me my fav pastry, she has sent medicine for you, she returned the ring to Vikram,

she is taking care of us, sorry, I can’t support you in this conspiracy against her, we both are emotional, think once, why are we doing this, we didn’t answer calls when dad was ill, we are punishing her and pointing on her character. Nakul asks what shall I do. Yug says don’t go to US, Vikram will get out of control, I can’t handle him alone. Swaran says Ajit thinks girls are weak. Dhillo says no.

Ajit asks when did I say that women are weak. She says no, you came to stay there for protecting us. He says no, I came there to get saved from mosquitoes. Dhillo asks them not to fight. She says I m not fighting, will you have pastry. Ajit says I got tamarind candy for him. Dinni shows Swaran to the teacher and says she is my grandma. Teacher asks are you Ginni’s grandma, this is her project list.

Swaran signs the form. Nehmat talks to Kanwal. She says you gave all your love to your family, to your three sons, you didn’t even take my name, you forgot me and my mum easily. Swaran comes there. Nehmat says so I came to Swaran ghar and didn’t think before giving 2 lakhs to your son, I won’t tell this truth until the real time comes. She sees Swaran and hides the pic.

Swaran asks is everything fine. Nehmat says yes. Swaran asks are you missing your mum. Nehmat says dad never stayed with us. Swaran asks her to come and have pakodas. Neelu says I will go and give breakfast to Ajit. Ginni calls Ajit there. Ajit comes and asks what happened. Ginni says I will tell you the house rules, everyone will sit together and have food. Ajit says its tough, I have food in my room.

She insists. Nakul thinks Yug is saying right, I have to talk to mum. Swaran asks Ajit to come and have food. Ajit asks for his plate. Ginni makes him sit with Swaran. Swaran gets away. They all like the pakodas. Micky asks Ginni to stop it now. Nakul enters the house. Swaran and Ajit stop while taking the same tea cup. She gives it to him. Nakul rings the bell. Neelu opens the door and says you… Nakul looks at Ajit.

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