Swaran Ghar 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Swaran Ghar 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Swaran Ghar 28th April 2022 Episode starts with Swaran saying I m going to the Gurudwara. She leaves. Amber says I want some way to convince Kiran. Kiran and Nimmo stop the old postman and ask about Swaran. He says I used to take Swaran’s letters for Ajit and then his reply to her.

Nimmo says it means they were together, from where did the letters come. He says she was married. He praises Ajit who got his two daughters educated. He asks why are you. Kiran gives him money. Nimmo takes a note back. They go.

Swaran and Micky come to the Gurudwara. Micky meets Shalu there. Swaran says daughters are really good, my daughters stood by me as a support. She talks to Kanwal. Kiran says now I know what to do. She says we will use Amber now. The lady says every mum loves her daughters, sorry, I heard you talking,

my daughter is getting married, heart feels restless. Swaran says you will miss her. The lady says I m handling everything alone. She gets a message. She says makeup artist isn’t coming. Swaran asks her not to worry. She sees Micky and says my daughter can end your tension. Kiran talks to Amber.

Kiran says I m booking a table for you and Ashu, reach there on time. Amber says really, our date, I will do anything. Kiran asks her to find Ajit’s letters in Swaran’s room. Amber asks why. Kiran says I have to prove that Swaran and Ajit had an affair. Amber thinks how can I do this with them. Amber asks why. Kiran says you have to meet Ashu right, you have to do this, else Ashu can never see you.

Swaran takes Micky to the lady. The lady thanks her for ending her tension. She says you are lucky to get such daughters. Amber goes to look for the letters. Micky and Swaran come home. Micky says I didn’t do bridal makeup before. Swaran says I didn’t know things before but learnt it, you have to get rid of fear. Amber says yes, what’s there to try. Swaran says practice makeup on Amber.

Amber says I m expecting an imp call, you are free. Swaran laughs. Micky says I will get much confidence, please. Swarna says fine, we will go to my room. Amber asks why, Micky can take you to her room. Micky says she is right. Swaran says okay. They go. Amber says now two hours are enough to find Ajit’s letters. Swaran comes and calls her out. She says I know what’s on your mind, your motives are good, you want to see everyone happy.

Vikram talks to Kiran and acts like he is talking to his boss. Kiran asks do you think mummy ji has kept letters at home. Vikram says yes. Ajit stops the servant from touching the letters. He asks him to go and see if the potatoes boiled or not. Ajit reads Swaran’s letter. He says I paid those two girls’ fees on your saying, you think a lot for the world and you want me to think of myself.

Swaran asks Micky to start the makeup now. She says I get courage by Kanwal’s smile, I always used to think of him. Amber looks for the letters. She says Kanwal’s clothes are still here like he didn’t go anywhere. She gets Kiran’s audio that Ashu is coming. She says sorry aunty ji, but I have to do this for Ashu. Swaran comes to her room. Amber hides. Swaran doesn’t see her hiding inside the cupboard. Amber worries. Micky comes and shows the makeup pics. They go.

Vikram says Ajit is in Swaran house. Yug says your bp is normal knowing this. Vikram says no, I m trying to keep myself calm, I have left everything on Lord. Nakul says I have to go to Delhi for work, I cancelled my US tickets, don’t do anything behind my back. Vikram asks him to have fun.

He goes. Nakul says I m worried seeing him so cool. Ajit calls the postman. Nimmo and Kiran are on the way and talk about Swaran’s affair with Ajit. Ajit asks what, who asked you about us, didn’t you ask them who are they. They come to Ajit’s dhaba. Nimmo says we will see him today. Ajit sees Nimmo and Kiran, and understands its them who spoke to the postman. Amber gets Ajit’s letters in the chest. She gets Ajit and Swaran’s pic and says did they get married.


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